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Unit 19 (Teaching Special Groups) In this unit we discuss different groups of students. Teaching beginner have a different approach depending on what kind of beginner they are but for me, the most ch
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Unit 20 ( Troubleshooting) In this unit we discuss common problem situations in class and the solution that teachers can do to solve the problem and continue the classes. With the new group of student
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In this unit, I learned the importance of planning your lessons. I also learned a lot of small aspects to keep in mind while planning a lesson to ensure that the student are being taught everything is
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in this unit We learnt about different methods, stages of classroom activities and their types, rules of giving feedbakc and the importance of correction and its appropriate ways. the unit compiles hu
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West Hartford
This unit was a bit more difficult as there is a lot to remember but I think the key is breaking down on a board and doing a comparison. I have done this for my own personal way of learning the differ
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West Haven
I enjoyed the content of this unit much more that the previous unit. It was simple and easy to understand and also very informative and to the point. It explains classroom management and student inter
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In order to enhance the education of students, a good teacher must occupy several roles. While at times teachers create complex activities for students to be a part of, at other times they serve only
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This section covered the wide variety of parts of speech in the English language and their subtypes. We explored the types of nouns (countable, uncountable, proper, general, etc.) and how their type a
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To adequately captivate students, teachers can use a variety of methods, each emphasizing a different balance of teacher and student engagement. The Engage, Study, Activate method is perhaps the most
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this unit about the present tense show us the diffrent tyoes of usages by the presernt tense is usually good for : habites, facts, thing that happening now and stil continues, i thing the present tens
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This section broke down the four present tense forms. The present simple, using the base form of the verb, is used to describe facts, habits, things that are always constant, and in recounting present
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This unit covered tactics to manage a classroom including different classroom desk arrangements, teacher body language, and sources of problem behavior. In an ESL class, one of chief goals is to provi
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1. Before I think a good teacher should love students, but now I have a better understand of love for students. It is very important to love them with pesistance and fairness.Teachers treat every stu
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1.This material provides with a good resources of basic grammar knowledge for me to teach and give examples in the future class. It is simple and clear. 2.Before I am cofunsed about the gerunds with
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I really like this tenses in fact tenses are my favorite part about learning and teaching English and I can't wait to go further with my tefl I hope to finish very soon it will really help me for my j
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Windsor Locks
Having relatively little experience with teaching, it was great to get insight into what a good teacher strives to do/be and how learners can differ in their attitudes and reasons for learning. I beli
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I was born and raised in Asia and due to this, have always considered English as my mother tongue (I am originally from Switzerland). What I noticed during this chapter is that we hardly talked about
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This chapter has been a huge eye-opener for me. I have limited experience with teaching and based my teaching lesson models off of engagement and fun, as well as learning. However, the ESA system is s
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This chapter was one of the most challenging so far in terms of the sheer amount of memorization required. As I consider myself a native English speaker, I don't continuously think about the tenses I
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The content of chapter 5 has been hugely informative for me. I have always taught either one, or two students at a time (I worked as an English tutor). Having this kind of knowledge regarding class ma
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