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Angeles City
This unit was a little challenging especially memorizing the International Phonetic Alphabet. I also did not enjoy the diagram of the mouth though it was necessary in understanding the place of articu
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Antipolo City
This unit was straight forward and dealt with the ins and outs of choosing course books for students and teachers as well as choosing course work material. It also looked at tailoring course work to t
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This unit was quite straight forward with regards to the assessment and evaluation of language learners. It looks at the various tests from entrance level diagnostic and placement tests done by EFL sc
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Fun fun fun unit. Truth be told I always use conditionals whenever I can just because I love how they sound but I never gave much thought to the grammatical structure of conditionals beyond the use of
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The unit was quite straight forward in highlighting the types of reading/written and visual, materials as well as digital audio/visual learning material and apparatus available to the teacher and subs
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Bago City
I didn't enjoy this unit. I definite and non-definite relative clauses are not enjoyable at all though I've grasped the concept I think it could have been simplified more or explored more. I also feel
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This unit was straight forward and looked at the needs of various learners, that is, True Beginners, False Beginners, Young Learners, English for Specific Purposes (Mainly Business English) as well as
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This unit was informative and touched on vital areas of which every new teacher should be aware. Emphasis was placed on how to engage new groups of student, students lacking confidence in oration an
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Batangas City
Pronunciation is often not taught in the classroom because teachers are not confident in their ability to teach it, but pronunciation is very important for students to learn. If a Japanese student can
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There are a lot of resources available to teachers. These resources include authentic and created materials. Authentic materials are real-life documents whose primary purpose is not teaching. These in
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Tests are used to evaluate students language levels or progress in a language. Different tests are given at different points in the student's progress. Placement tests are given at the beginning of a
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There are five conditionals. The zero conditional is used for general truths. It contains only the present tense. The first conditional is used for promises and threats. It contains the present simple
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Using a variety of teaching aids can increase the engagement of the class. Overhead Projectors are great for preparing a lesson before the class is in the room, and it cuts down on teacher talk time.
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Modals add meaning to the main verb. They express obligation, probability, permission, ability, and advice. They include should, could, can, must, will, and others. One way to teach modal auxiliary ve
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There are many different categories of beginner students. These categories include a true beginner, a fake beginner, young learners, adult learners, and a beginner with no knowledge of the Roman alpha
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In the first lesson, create a bond between you and your students. It is important to start with a strong relationship. Trust is going to be needed in the classroom. Start with games that help students
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Cabanatuan City
Unit 13 discussed about Pronunciation and Phonology which I agree that most of the time taken for granted in English Language teaching. However in this unit I learned a lot about proper pronunciation
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Cabuyao City
Unit 14 discussed about the proper choosing of coursebooks and lesson materials, this is very important in creating an interesting, productive and successful classroom discussion. Coursebook and lesso
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Cadiz City
Unit 15 was brief yet full of information helpful enough for new & upcoming teachers. The unit discussed how important evaluation and testing is to ensure the right level the student should be enrolle
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Cagayan de Oro
Unit 16 is another English Grammar lesson which I find very helpful in my future career as a teacher. It discussed closely on the different forms of conditional sentences as well as its usage. And it
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Unit 17 discussed about Equipment & Teaching Aids which are very useful for ESL teachers to make English lessons or class more interesting & effective. Basic principles of using each teaching aids & e
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Calamba City
Unit 18 discussed on modals, phrasal verbs and passive voice. It was a little bit challenging as I learned this years ago. However, it briefly refreshes my memory about this particular English gramma
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Calapan City
Unit 19 discussed about the different teaching groups. It briefly and clearly describe the composition of each group, the attitude or the possible atmosphere of the class, the challenges that teachers
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Unit 20 discussed about the possible problems that may arise inside the classroom when dealing with different scenarios,different types of classes, different size of the class and or students personal
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Pronunciation is very important for good communication. I can give an example from my experience as a tourist in U.S. A.. I was in Chicago in a train station and I asked a young girl who was an assist
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The coursebook is the main program. It is very convenient for students and teachers and as it is in unit 14 it provides a balanced mix of grammar, vocabulary and skills work. As a teacher, I have to
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There are many kinds of tests. The most important thing is the match between the test and student needs. Sometimes students made a test that the result of it doesn't give the solution for his program
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Cauayan City
Conditional and Reported speech is a complicated subject. The student has to identify between the correct possibility per each. There are lots of rules and the students can be confused. The teacher h
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Cavite City
A good teacher has to be ready for all the options to teach the lesson. Computers, Video, Video camera, and any electronic tools are great only if it works. The teacher has to be ready like anything e
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Cebu City
Modals are a very important subject for good communication. People have to be polite and you have to choose the correct words. Sometimes people don't know the subtleties between words and it can be wr
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Cotabato City
Teaching including many kinds of learners and it is more complicated to teach a foreign language like English. There is a big group of Learning Disabilities that have difficulties with their own mothe
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The first meeting with a teacher is very important and can influence the whole study. The teacher has to be ready to create a good atmosphere in the class and to use fun activities. Teaching big clas
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Danao City
Reading this unit made me realize why most teachers often disregard phonology. This part of English teaching is unbelievably tricky, leaving some students with confusion which is why we should start c
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Course books and lesson materials are somehow seen to remarkably important for the learning process. It helps activating students interest and thinking process in the class. This unit gives basic unde
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This unit contains the necessary information about various International tests and ways of identifying the progress of our students. I find this unit supplements other fundamental areas TEFL teachers
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Davao City
Conditionals and reported speech are parts of daily conversation therefore we as TEFL teachers should master these topics and be able to teach our students. As non-native teacher, I personally still m
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Digos City
Teaching aids and equipment are essential parts of teaching in general. They help students to learn better and comprehend the target language more. Reading this unit indeed broadened up my knowledge a
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Dipolog City
This unit explains in a condensed and intelligible manner as it covers majority of grammar problems we may face as TEFL teachers. It also helps us to explain the grammar points and the differences of
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Dumaguete City
Language is used by people regardless the age and background, therefore it is crucial to at least be familiar with different aged learners. This unit gives an extensive background knowledge on how to
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General Santos City
The last unit of the course provides numerous issues we may encounter as we teach English in the future. I personally feel that these advises are utterly important and practical enough to help us taki
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Gingoog City
This was an extremely useful unit; as it states at the beginning of this unit that most teachers neglect this because they are themselves are not too sure in this particular subject; however after rea
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Himamaylan City
The advantages and disadvantages of authentic and created material are very clear to me now; this was extremely useful and some of the examples of created material is really interesting; in my working
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Tests are an important part of a course; this unit helped me to clarify some of the minor differences between the types of tests; this unit also helped me to get familiar with all the external exams a
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Conditionals and reported speech are an important part of the language, as it allows students to become more flexible with the language and helps to promote paraphrasing skills; It is also important t
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Iloilo City
I think this unit was extremely useful too, as it helped me to familiarize with a wide range of different tools and equipment which can be used to enhance the teaching experience, ultimately simplifyi
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Modal verbs are essential and therefore should be carefully studied as they are used on a daily basis and help students to differentiate between requests, obligations and politeness. It was very usefu
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This unit is also extremely important as it educated me about different types of groups; In my experience I have worked with all the possible groups and it made a lot of sense to me; also the 'dos and
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Kidapawan City
Troubleshooting is an extremely interesting unit as it discovers different potential problems that teachers may encounter; like I've said before in my teaching experiences I have faced most of the pro
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Koronadal City
This unit is about teaching the pronunciation and phonology. For an effective lesson, including the teaching of pronunciation is an integral part of the course. In the classroom there should be time
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Laoag City
This unit is about course book and lesson material.There are two groups of material: the authentic materials and and created materials.Authentic materials are not designed for beginner students or gra
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