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This Unit has shown me the different ways to assess a student's language level, through Tutorials, Evaluation by the Student and Tests. With regards to Tests, all different types and the purpose of ea
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This unit was quite hard to grasp in my case, as it explained the Conditionals and reported Speech. Five types of conditionals, their structure and in what circumstances they are meant to be used or w
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Bergisch Gladbach
Classroom management skills are essential to ensure effectiveness when teaching EFL. I believe that those skills can be acquired but a big number are also innate, especially the eye contact, gestures
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The unit explains the Modals, Passive voice, Relative Clauses and Phrasal verbs. It introduces the modal auxiliary verbs and through a table presents each type with their usage, how it is formed in th
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This unit put emphasis on teaching in special class. It started off separating the different types of beginner students; it provided a list of tips and possible problems. Then it concentrated in a c
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This concluding unit explained the activities that are recommended when starting a first lesson. Establishing rapport with students is indispensable in order to have a successful class, as well as fi
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This was an excellent and helpful lesson. I enjoyed being able to watch these two lessons and contrast and compare these two classes. These videos utilize all the information presented in the course u
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This was a break down of four very important skills. It was helpful to have gain a deeper understanding of reading a listening. Recognizing that neither skill is more important than the other, I feel
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This was another straight forward lessons about the remaining essential productive skills. Similar to the previous unit, I was glad to learn more about writing and speaking. A lot of the information s
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This was the most interesting unit for me personally. It really helps us see that while we may not be able to understand each other that language is in a sense, universal. I had the opportunity to tak
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I enjoyed seeing so many examples of activities and materials for English lessons. Sometimes you have to sit and think about the nitty gritty of how a course will work and the actual textbooks to help
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This unit was a breakdown of different tests that the English student can take. Coming from America I am happy to learn about the external exams that are available to others in different countries. I
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These grammar heavy chapters are very useful. There are so many details that the native English speaker does not know and cannot teach their students with confidence. If I understand the ins and outs
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Unit Seventeen offers a deeper look at the various resources that are available to the English language teacher. It is important to have basic knowledge of these commonly used tools. Even the more out
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Unit eighteen was by far the most difficult of the grammar units. There is so much information in here. Many of the points covered in this chapter I have been working through recently with my junior h
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It was interesting to read a bit in depth about the differences between teaching young learners and teaching adults in a business setting. The latter experience sounds somewhat intimidating. From what
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This was a good overview of some of the remaining issues to be covered as to do with teaching English classes. I thought it was a very useful last unit and a generally informative non-grammar unit. I
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I think this was a good active test of how to approach a class as a teacher. The aha moment for me was realizing that some of the questions couldn't be easily answered by teachers approaching a class
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Speaking and writing skills are used for the same purpose of communication but teaching writing skills need more time commitment, and they shouldn't be ignored. It is very important that students brin
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It is possible to be a bad teacher. If one does not possess certain characteristics, he may not be a good teacher. The teacher has to want to teach, know the material well, connect with the students i
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It was an interesting challenge to use the phonetic script in an active manner. The few times I've used it in the past, I was using it to sound out specific words. For the test, I was forced to use a
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It was a good refresher to think about how to use authentic materials for my lessons. I have tried using newspaper clippings and English language magazines in some of my classes before and I've had a
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Frankfurt am Main
It was interesting to think all about the tests that I would give to my students whilst reflecting on tests I've taken in the past. The American standardized tests I had to take in primary school alwa
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Freiburg im Breisgau
This was a tricky section for me. I had trouble with the final few questions on the test as they really tested my critical thinking on whether or not I fully understood the tenses used in the sentence
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This unit was a useful, brief reflection on the materials a teacher has available in a classroom. It can be hard to fully envision everything that a teacher can use to effectively teach. I've found th
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This was a very hard unit for me to understand. I think the most accurate sentence in the unit document was "phrasal verbs are very hard for students to understand". I feel like I can easily be includ
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I think that teaching business English in a larger class is something I haven't really thought about until now. It would be a very different set of challenges with a group of students unlike any stude
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This was a simple final unit, I was able to quickly go through the unit materials and finish my notetaking quickly. I think there are a lot of small points in the unit that can go into a passive teach
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Some teachers think they only have to act plainly in front of their class due to their only duty is students learning several facts, dates, and in this case, structures, vocabulary, intonation, but wh
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Unlike many people beliefs, all the skills students develop while learning a new language are equally important, but they do have two main reasons. Purpose and entertainment. The two receptive skills
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I have learned a general structure for accomplishing linguistic lessons. I have been introduced to the ESA model, of engage, study, and activate. A good lesson will involve all three of these techniqu
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Giving intonation to our speech will improve it in a way we never imagined. It is true that students find pronunciation difficult due to the several sounds each vowel has in English, but using the pho
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It is true that trying to get with the right material to work with is a real challenge, not only because of the price –one of the considerations mentioned in this unit- but also because of the gene
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It is important to know how to evaluate students, even though each has their own way to learn; this will give the teacher a preview of how classes are going, what are the weakness, if it is the materi
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Several students find difficulties when conditionals are on the table. They find the structures hard to remember or difficult to learn the verbs when speaking and writing reported speech. As teachers,
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Although the equipment given as different options in some classrooms to work with, it is true –as established in this unit- that sometimes schools cannot afford them and in some cases, the only thin
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Phrasal verbs are always a pain in the neck for no native students. I also have heard them saying that it wouldn’t matter if you know the meaning of each verb, the meaning will be changed later on i
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It is important for teachers to know what type of groups they will be teaching, differences between age or Business English groups are completely different and so their needs. That is why this unit is
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It is true that some English teachers may know the grammar but find it difficult when trying to explain. This unit makes it easier due to it shows us different activities when it comes to a new group,
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I learned how to organize and manage a class. The teacher has various mechanisms at his or her disposal to help control a class, including voice, gestures, and presence. There are different seating ar
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This lesson has introduced how to introduce new language concepts, including vocabulary, grammar structures, and language functions. It was made clear how to appropriately teach new vocabulary, gramma
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The take-away from this chapter is that productive skills, i.e. reading and writing, need to be part of the in-class learning process in order to be motivating and effective. Teachers should focus on
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The take-away from this lesson is that pronunciation is a critical component of language learning, as many English sentences rely on pronunciation rules to convey the meaning of the sentence itself. E
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I learned about the importance of planning a lesson. Some teachers plan more than others, but writing down a plan can be helpful especially for new teachers. A lesson plan is only an aid in the proces
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This lesson presented two different live courses taught by the same teacher to the same students. In the first lesson, the teacher didn't communicate effectively and had a bad attitude. Therefore, the
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This unit taught how to teach receptive skills. The two receptive skills are reading and listening. These two skills can be done for purpose or pleasure. Different special skills used to read and list
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The take-away from this unit is that there are a wide variety of teaching aids that can be utilized to supplement and enhance the learning materials and activities presented in an ESL course. Technolo
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This lesson focused on how to teach the productive skills of writing and speaking. It is important to help students get over the hesitations to participate in class, which come as a result of fear, la
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Ludwigshafen am Rhein
The take-away from this unit is that teaching special groups will often require medication to the lesson plan and mode of teaching. Business English clients, for example, often will require the teache
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The take-away from this unit is that difficulties can arise with any lesson and that being adaptive and engaging as well as resolving issues as soon as they are known can help students as individuals
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