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S.A. – Spain said:
I currently work in a Nursery in spain and alongside this gave one to one english Classes to children. Due to the amount of interest I received, in October 2011 I converted a room in my house into a classroom. Since then I have been teaching children aged 5 to 15 (in different groups). As I didn't have any experience teaching the teenagers I decided to do the tefl course. Having done this TEFL course I now realize where and how often I have been doing it wrong. It's not until you break down all the individual areas of teaching that you realize how much is involved, even obvious things like preparation. That's just the teaching side. The course has given me a new found confidence to go out and teach english, as well as the actual teaching skills. I am going to gradually build up my clients over the next year and hopefully do teaching full time. I am even considering teaching adults now I have the know-how from the TEFL course. One of the most surprising things I learned from this course is how much of the english language that I take for granted. I think of myself as being fairly well spoken and well written. I was surprised to learn through my studies in this course how much of the structure in english I use without even realize what I’m using. I very much enjoyed the study of the tenses and other grammatical structures. It gave me an even greater appreciation for how difficult and nuanced english can be. It is kind of amazing that in some circumstance in english how many ways there are to say the same thing. I think that once I get into a classroom this will be even better illustrated to me. I look forward to continuing my education about english, and learning from the questions and difficulties of my students. One of the things I most appreciated learning from this course was the ESA method and how to plan a lesson. I was nervous about how exactly I would teach a lesson once I got into the classroom, and now, after this course, I feel much more confident. All of the suggestions about evaluations of both my students and me will be really helpful. I definitely plan to do detailed lessons and evaluations of my lessons as I learn from my experiences in the classroom. I am planning on most likely teaching for at least a couple of years. Detailed notes and lessons will help me improve greatly during my tenure wherever I end up. I thought that the structure of the lesson plans was great, and I’m sure that I will continue to use a very similar structure once I get into the classroom. I also appreciated seeing the example lesson. The prospect of beginning a job like this is pretty intimidating. Seeing a lesson in action, including the do’s and don’ts, helped me get a better idea of what my experience might be like. Although I’m comfortable with general classroom and behavior management, I found the focus and considerations of problems that might arise in this particular setting to be very helpful. I assumed that some challenges would be unique to this type of class, and this course helped gain a better understanding of some of the things that I might encounter. I’m sure I’ll refer back to the course materials often! I also very much appreciated all of the resources and ideas that were provided in the course materials. I’m happy to have a good and recommended starting place for continuing my planning and education in this area, and starting to accumulate some of my own resources. With all of the ideas I’ve gotten through the units, and how they can be modified and adjusted, I feel very confident that I will not be at a loss for creative teaching ideas. Overall, I very much enjoyed the course. I thought that it provided me with a good basic overview of teaching in this area. The questions on the worksheets as well as the lesson plans really required me to put in some thought and consider what I will be dealing with when I am teaching. I thought that it was a great mix of grammar, instruction of how to teach and the classroom dynamic, and how to find and make use of a variety of aids and resources. I have thinking that I will definitely need to keep in touch with a friend in the US who can periodically send me good, authentic materials that I will not be able to get my hands on! The course got me very excited on beginning my experience teaching english, and continuing to learn about the english language.
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