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J.L. – U.S.A. said:
Throughout this course, I have really come to appreciate how lucky I am to be a native english speaker and how much I take for granted about some of the many complicated verb tenses, syntaxes, and odd pronunciations involved in using the english language properly. I have become much more aware of my everyday english pronunciation and writing. There were many times where I felt frustrated and confused by my own language, therefore, I think I can use this experience to understand the difficulties my students will face while learning english. This course has ignited a passion inside of me for understanding phonology and pronunciation issues while learning new languages. I have become interested in the ways in which our brains process language. I have a job secured to teach at a private academy (hagwon) in South korea and I plan on using what I learned from this course to guide my classes and lessons as a new teacher. Since I do not possess a degree in Education, this course has given me some confidence for that moment that I walk into my classroom for the first time ever! I think that this course has given me a great base and overview to aid me in beginning to think like a teacher, and now I just need to practical experience to supplement what I have learned through ITTT.

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