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E.G. - Georgia said:
In spite of the fact that this is course is designed for novice english teachers and aims at supporting them in their teaching careers, it has been very helpful and productive for me despite 14 years of my teaching experience at Tbilisi State university, Georgia – teaching General english, business english and 5 years of teaching at LSE (london School of english, Tbilisi branch – teaching EAP). I would like to say that however experienced a teacher is, he/she has always a lot to learn about teaching methodology, skills, and different approaches and of course get more and more experience. We learn till the end of life and that is why I always tell my students that I am a learner too, though with considerably more experience which I share with them. tefl course turned out to be a great hand of help to me. First of all, TEFL course has helped me to systemize the theoretical and practical knowledge gathered on local teacher trainings, CELTA course (2007) and formulate my future aim towards applying for the diploma in teaching Business english. The course was especially helpful and productive in revising grammatical aspects – it was enjoyable to work on different grammatical books, search information and produce worksheet answers. This was the process of repetition, and re-polishing grammar knowledge, filling the gaps and gaining more confidence. The course has given my possibility to get familiar with the TEFL teaching methodology which is slightly different from that of CELTA. I would say that TEFL training gave me more structured knowledge. In other words, while working on an assignment I always knew what I was writing for and how I was going to complete my worksheets. In addition, what was especially productive and worthy, was the requirement to complete worksheets using my own ideas based on the analysis of the material sent through the internet and video DVD-s. Thus, such approach gave me possibility to be creative, and look for the material even beyond the mandatory units. I had to refer recommended literature (Harmer, Swan) and others, but besides, this course has motivated me to work on other materials seeking different ideas for theoretical and practical aspects in teaching. “Learning english” by Jim Scrivener, “Grammar for english language Teachers” by Martin Parrott were the manuals which I referred to for designing activities for my lesson plans, and analyzing grammatical aspects. While designing lesson plans, I found ESA design put forward by Jeremy Harmer and introduced by TEFL course as the basis for designing lesson plans, especially helpful. This is the most modern approach to language teaching and I do appreciate the fact that I got thorough knowledge of this methodology with its variations of Boomerang and Patchwork lessons throughout the TEFL course. Finally, I got valuable experience in terms of theoretical and practical knowledge which can be used in teaching multilingual classes. I would like to thank my tutor Ms Tania for her suggestions and comments which I was getting on time and which have helped me to complete the course. Once more - lots of thanks to all ITTT administration for this flexible, modern, and informative course.

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