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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

C.Z. - China said:
? Summary I can strongly feel the progress that I have made from this course. And I have listed what I have gained as below: - Teachers and learners: In this unit, I know some good qualities that a good teacher should possess, and lots of suggestions and teaching techniques have been introduced, I think a good teacher at least should have powerful academic background and have proper gestures in class to develop a great rapport with students. Like eye-contact, smiling and positive recommends in class. Of course, I also learned that I should figure out some important good qualities from the students and try to enlarge their advantages. After reading the differences between adult and younger learners. I know I should vary the teaching style when I face different groups. - Theories, methods and techniques: How can I become a good teacher, this unit tells me the answer, at least I can employ some methods here. I think for me, the communicative approach is very suitable for me to teach my adult students. They are eager to use english in their life and job. Apart from that, ESA should be the most effective methods to prepare good lessons, help me be more organized. And lots of games have been well prepared can be my future references. - Managing class: in this unit, I think lots of managing skills have been introduced, I used to talk more, but gradually, I try to elicit something from my students. And try to add more interesting games into the class activities. Teaching new language: I this unit, I learned how to put vocabularies, grammatical structures and functions properly into my ESA. Especially I got that boomerang and patchwork type ESA lessons are more effective for teaching functions than straight ESA. - Lesson planning: In this unit, I know that lesson planning is important for an inexperienced teacher; the unit has provided a standard form and some examples which can be put into the lesson plan. For me, if the topic I am not so familiar, I will use lesson planning to help me. And this also can be a good training material for the newly comer. - Productive skills and receptive skills: In these two units. I learned the reasons why reading, listening, speaking, and writing are so important in class. None of the skills can’t be ignored, In china, most people just focus on reading and writing, because students need to improve their examination skills, which can help them get a certificate to find a job in the future. However, people finally find that ten years of english learning only makes a deaf leaner. - Course books and materials: in this unit, I know how to distinguish the authentic material from the creative material. And learned different lessons should find proper material for them. And course book is the most traditional way, but not a necessity in my lessons. Lots of materials can be employed in class. - Evaluating and testing: In this unit, I have a clearer definition about test. For me, progress test works a lot in my job. - Equipment and teaching aids: In this unit I get to know that there are lots of cutting-edged equipments and aids existed in educational areas, but no matter how advanced it is, as a teacher, what I should do is trying to maximize the usage of the equipment and aids that I can only have. - Teaching special groups: In this unit, I gained some skills to teach for different groups. And there indeed are some special groups, we should pay attentions on, such like beginner, children, business clients, the monolingual and multilingual class. We can’t teach them in the same way. For me, I think beginner and business clients are my major student groups. I should be more careful when I choose materials. - Troubleshooting: This unit has listed lots of problem-solving suggestions. For example, I know how to deal with my first lesson when I face a group of new students. For me, I think some of my students have the difficulties with listening texts. And lucky thing is that I can find some suggestion in the unit. ? About grammars: The course has provided some general grammars in english, such as parts of the speech, present tenses, past and future tenses, pronunciation and phonology, conditional and reported speech, modal, phrasal verbs and passive voice. The course gives me a more systematic view about it.

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