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K.T. - United Kingdom said:
I have thoroughly enjoyed this course, and found it very useful and practical. The most important part for me was the lesson planning. This is something I have not done or come across before and will absolutely put into practice. To me it ensures the consistency, efficiency, good time management and a feeling of security and being in control of the class for the teacher. It was interesting to find out that certain activities work better in certain lesson stages (engage, study, activate). I am going to use this tool to prepare for all of the lessons I may have to teach in future. Another point that was really helpful in this course, was the more detailed understanding given about different types of students i.e. beginners: absolute beginners, false beginners, adult, young beginners, children, individual students (one to one’s), business english students etc. Knowing the differences between those types of students may help to analyze their needs in more detail and make my lessons more professional and efficient. Searching for activities when making the lesson plans for the course also gave me a good idea of what is out there, what is appropriate for certain lesson stages as well as certain types of students of different levels and needs.

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