TEFL Reviews

From the grammar section of the course, I have refreshed my memory of grammar that I’ve learned when I was young...
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Genuine TESOL Course
I have learned a lot about what goes into teaching an english class...
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Genuine TESOL Center
Teaching english was a daunting thought to me before but after completing this course, I feel more confident as a teacher...
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Gain TESOL Certificates
This course has introduced me not only to teaching english, but also to the field of education, an area that I have recently begun to find very interesting...
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Fulltime TESOL Schools
To put what I have learned in this course into a single phrase, I would say, "flexible dynamics...
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Fulltime TESOL Cities
As a non native english speaker, I have learned most of the grammar rules when I was studying english myself, however this course helped me to refresh about the usage of different grammar tenses...
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Fee TESOL Residential
I have gained a lot of new knowledge I didn’t really know too much about prior to taking the course such as Grammar, the structures and forms of past, present and future tenses...
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Fee Reputable TESOL
This was a very interesting and beneficial course for me to study...
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Fee Legit TESOL
By following this course I’ve learned (reviewed) a lot of the english grammar...
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Fee Inclass TESOL
The course is well structured, comprehensive, in easy language for clear understanding, and appropriately challenging in some parts...
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Fee Genuine TESOL
Firstly this course has helped me the most in terms of lesson planning...
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Fee Celta TESOL
I have realized that having a native knowledge of a language doesn't mean it's easy to teach it...
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I have learned that there is a lot more to teaching than knowing just the subject matter...
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Easy TESOL Lessons
As an english native, I would have to say that I have not learned much, but this refreshed my english grammar...
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Prior to completing the units in this course, I had put some thought into teaching english as a foreign language...
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Earning TESOL
From this course, I have gained knowledge as to how to make a lesson plan...
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Distance TESOL Schools
I have learned a whole of new and useful techniques that I believe that I can put into practice in the classroom when I teach english in japan on the 20th of April 2012...
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Discounted TESOL
I learned how to use correct grammar in the past, present and future tenses and formulating lesson plan using the engage, study and activate phases...
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Discount TESOL Classes
At the beginning of the course I was the most excited to learn about how to deal with student-teacher dynamics, but after now almost completing the course, I have to say that the thing that I’m most grateful for would have to be the repeated lesson planning...
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Discount TESOL
The most useful knowledge I gained from this course is related to lesson planning, classroom management, activity stage teaching ideas (particularly when grammar is taught) and usage of teaching material...
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Dates TESOL Fees
I am pleased to have this opportunity to think about my motivation for doing this course, what I have gained from the experience and what I have learned...
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Dates Official TESOL
Well I’ve learned a lot about english, like the grammatical side, because since being a english native speaker but then having done my early years of school in english then the later years in italian a lot of grammar stuff I either had learned but forgotten or had never learned, so that was very helpful...
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Dates Legit TESOL
By taking this course, I’ve learned so much about the grammar aspect of teaching english, the methods/techniques used in class, and how to write a lesson plan...
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Dates Inclass TESOL
Although I am a native english speaker, I have learnt a lot about my own language, and approaching everything from a completely different angle...
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Dates Genuine TESOL
I have gained understanding of english grammar and how to produce creative and useful lesson plans...
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Dates Credible TESOL
I am not a native English speaker so I know how hard it is to study another language especially without getting help from good teachers...
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Dates Best TESOL
This course has done nothing but surprise me! I have had some experience in teaching/playing and I have seen plenty of examples of poor tuition techniques (my children go to a spanish state school where teaching methods are demoralizing and boring)...
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