TEFL Reviews

Preparation Inexpensive TESOL
I have personally gained a much better, more detailed understanding and knowledge of my own language (english) and a greater appreciation of the issues that students of english face...
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Preparation Global TESOL
This course has helped me to review language skills such as grammar terms and structures and has helped me gain a much better understanding of what it takes to teach the different components of the language to others...
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Preparation Complete TESOL
I have started this course because I didn’t feel confident to teach english even though I have lived in england for about ten years...
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Organizations TESOL Teaching
I feel that the course was very well structured and covered areas which are necessary to enter a classroom with the confidence to begin teaching right from the get-go...
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Organizations Recommended TESOL
I’ve learnt about the importance of a well structured lesson and how to utilize lesson plan to maximize students’ learning experience...
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Organizations Accelerated TESOL
I have personally gained more insight into how to approach and work with english Language Learners - something I will definitely use if I decide to teach abroad but also if I decide to teach at a local high school here in Texas since there are so many people, especially recent immigrants, who are learning english...
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Organization TESOL Online
The course was a little more challenging then i thought but i learnt a lot through the units about teaching students who speak different languages...
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Organization TESOL Cert
I’ve gained a broader understanding of the myriad confusing elements of english which I’d only ever seen a fraction of before...
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Organization Short TESOL
Besides learning a lot about grammar, which I wasn't taught much of in public school, I gained a great deal of knowledge about how to teach...
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Organization All TESOL
I have gained a better understanding of the english language and feel more confident in my ability to teach it to others...
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Organisations TESOL Teaching
This tefl course has been extremely useful in honing and clarifying what I already know about teaching english in a foreign country, as well as offering a vast number of ideas and valid new points about teaching...
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Organisations TESOL Online
This has been a really great course for me in regards to brushing up on my english and learning about people’s behaviors as well...
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Organisations TESOL Cert
From this course I have learned about the role of the teacher, how to make lesson plans and create activities, theories of ESL instruction and the basics of english grammar...
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Organisations Short TESOL
I am very glad to have solidified my foundation in the fundamentals of english grammar, as before this course I think my understanding was primarily intuitive...
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Organisations Recommended TESOL
As a native english speaker, I have always been able to communicate in english naturally without the need to learn grammar and different parts of speech...
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Organisations Legitimate TESOL
This course has helped me to plan lessons effectively following the ESA style which I was not aware of before...
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Organisations Fast TESOL
I have learned a great deal about english grammar, which I had definitely missed out on while I was at school...
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Organisation TESOL TESOL
As someone who has gained a degree in education I chose the course because it was a formal requirement for the program I am applying to...
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Organisation TESOL Cert
This experience has really opened my eyes up to the complexity of the english language...
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Organisation Short TESOL
I have learned a lot about english grammar (things that I use but never really thought about before)...
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Organisation Professional TESOL
I have gained a better knowledge of the english grammar system and am now able to teach this to other learners effectively...
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Organisation Diploma TESOL
I have learned a great deal of information while taking this course, both about the english language itself as well as how to teach it...
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Organisation Fast TESOL
We have learned a lot from this course and noticed some areas where we were neglecting entirely in the classroom...
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