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The different teaching aids are highly useful in the classroom for a multitude of reasons. Each different resource offers unique advantages and disadvantages that a teacher can use for students' lear
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Beni Mellal
Grammar, as always, is an integral part of eduction with ESL students. The more advanced they get in their education, a classroom will be looking to have a more natural flow with speaking and writing.
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Unit 11 is all about reading and listening. Reading and listening are two of the 4 receptive skills, all of which should be incorporated into an ESL lesson. Reading and listening encompasses different
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El Jadida
Unit 12 covered speaking and writing. With speaking, there are different activities to elicit accurate and/or fluent speaking from the learner. Accuracy is needed during the study stage, and activitie
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I really appreciated the differences between speaking and writing that this unit laid out. I hadn't thought of the links to accuracy and fluency, and the idea to focus on different ones in different s
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I have always found phonetics kind of baffling, but this unit laid them out very clearly. The different types of sounds (fricative, etc) and parts of the mouth were also fascinating. I also found it i
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Unit 13 touched on pronunciation and phonology. Having an extensive and easily accessible vocabulary is important as well as making sure your statements are grammatically correct. However, you would b
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Unit 14 talked about the usage of course books and lesson materials for class. Coursebooks offer a tested and approved syllabus. It also provides a thorough progression of language with each chapter.
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Conditionals and Reported phrases are something I do without speaking as a native, but they are quite confusing to break down into grammatical rules to explain what I instinctively do! I think these a
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Some of this information seemed out of date. The idea of using cassette tapes in 2018 is kind of unthinkable. Especially as the unit continues to talk about the internet and youtube. With those advanc
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Phrasals are probably some of the trickiest parts of the English language, even for native speakers. I often hear native speakers using them wrong. For that matter, native speakers often get modal aux
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I am currently teaching beginner, children, EFL students. This chapter was particularly helpful to me as it specifically detailed help for that scenario. I also found the information about business EF
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This troubleshooting unit was a great endcap to the course. I found the section on first lessons especially helpful, since in my current job I see a lot of new students for the first time. Building ra
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