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Unit 7 focuses on teaching receptive skills giving a brief introduction into both receptive (reading and listening) and productive skills (writing and speech) with the focus in this particular unit be
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Unit 8 is a continuation of Unit 7 and looks at productive skills (speaking and writing. At the beginning the unit covers the reasons why people communicate and the difference between accuracy and flu
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Unit 9, complimented with the corresponding video offers an excellent introduction into course books and materials and they can be used effectively in the classroom. The unit also looks at visual aids
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The Unit addresses different ways for teachers to evaluate students levels and progress as well as looking at some of the most common exams that students may need to be prepared for. At the beginning
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These two videos had put the first 5 units' study contents into practice. It gives me a more clearer understanding of how to give out the lesson in class. This includes how to be a good teacher: smile
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This unit has helped me to understand the qualities of a good teacher and the roles a teacher should play while being a teacher. Also it speakes about the qualities of a good learner. It also discusse
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This unit is about teaching productive skills, which includes speaking and writing. From this unit I've learnt the differences between accuracy activities and fluency activities. It helps me to carry
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This unit is about teaching materials. It helps me to understand what authentic material is , and the advantage of using authentic material. Also, I get to know some disadvantage of using a course boo
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This unit talks about ways to assess a student's language. There are mainly there ways, tutorials, evaluation by the students and tests. I think tests are the more commonly used than the other two. Fo
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This unit showed 2 example videos of teaching . It was an excellent demonstration of the effectiveness of the teachers. Video 1 showed a teacher who was disorganised , was rude and intolerant towards
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The unit is about the basic skills in any language focusing on the receptive skills of reading and listening. Reading and listening can be with purpose or for entertainment but often is a combination
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The unit focuses on teaching the productive skills of speaking and writing. For students to feel the need and desire to communicate , the teacher must be able to stimulate the students and this can be
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Unit 9 covers the usage of Coursebooks and lesson materials. It discusses the 2 groups of materials. One is authentic materials , that can be read, seen or heard in newspapers, TV shows , Radio, Menus
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The unit talks about evaluation of students, the different types used and the reasons for doing so. It is important for both students and teachers to work in courses that are relevant the the students
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This unit has helped me to learn and know how to manage the class. It explained about the teacher's eye contact, gesture and the voice. Also about the seating arrangement of the students or the classr
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These two videos are very interesting and useful to watch. You can clearly see how the attitude, unstructured way of teaching and behavior and manner of the teacher in video 1 is effecting the student
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