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In this unit I have learned the importance of using appropriate materials in classroom. I used to think that following a course book is the only way to teach language effectively, but this unit has op
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From this final unit I have learned the importance of regular testing to test student progress. I have also learned of other kinds of testing, some of which I have taken as well while studying languag
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In this module I learnt the details of how to approach teaching vocabulary in class and further to teach grammar as well as functions. Vocabulary must be selected in accordance with the content of the
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In this module I learnt an overview of lesson planning. I understsnd the importance of being prepared in all aspects in terms of worksheets, material as well as measuring out time frames in which each
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In this module I was able to watch both a good and bad demonstration of a teachers behavior in the ESL classroom. In the first lesson the teacher was late and did not greet the students or introduce h
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This module covered the importance of reading and listening skills. It states that we read for predictive, scanning and skimming functions, to search for detailed information and that we are able to d
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In short I have learnt that even though writing is one of the most neglected skills in TEFL, it is considered more difficult than speaking as it requires a higher degree of accuracy. I have learnt the
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The first lesson looks like the teacher came late for the class and was not prepared for the lesson,he looked like he did not know care to know his students names. The second lesson the teacher made s
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I feel this unit is vital to ESL/EFL teaching as it deals with everyday life skills and how to deduce a language and thinking in the language and speaking it. It may seem as if they are easy to teach,
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Teaching language is both challenging and rewarding, I can see the ESA used in all lessons and in no particular order, from Patchwork to Straight narrow, it is interesting and gets students talking ab
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This was very challenging for me, I was not an English major in collage and I now feel like I should have been. This will be very challenging to explain, most Asian countries are taught to memorize th
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This has been yet another interesting unit, I find it challenging and exciting to create materials for the students because as much as you have to keep in mind their level its also very interesting wh
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Mbuji Mayi
Evaluating students level or understanding after a unit or lesson is important so the teacher can find gap and plan accordingly, if she/he finds that most students struggle with the same topic then sh
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