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It was so painful to watch the first video! He just walked in and began talking AT the students, without engaging them! And he mumbled! Also, teaching while barefoot....maybe it's culturally appropria
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This unit focuses on outlining the attributes, roles and responsibilities of teachers and students. Enthusiastic, sensitive, motivated and caring teachers are stated to most likely gain higher student
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Teaching methods and strategies are the main topics of this unit. There are many different methods of teaching and it cannot be generalised to which method is the best. The unit has concluded that te
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Managing classes are the main focus of this unit. It outlines how seating arrangements, grouping students, maintaining eye contact, gesturing, changes in tone of voice, writing on the board, building
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Unit 4 explains techniques to teach vocabulary, grammar and language functions. It highlights the important points to consider before choosing which vocabulary item is to be taught to students. It ill
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