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Unit 11 was about teaching receptive skills. It is always important to keep the students' interests in mind, reinforcing the idea that it is imperative to get to know your students and create a relati
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This unit was about how to teach speaking and writing. Neither one is more important than the other. Accuracy activates, which are usually apart of the study phase, are concentrated on producing corre
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I have learned about the different roles the teacher has. We usually assume that a teacher is there to control, organise and correct, but there are other roles that are equally important and should no
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This unit was about course books and material. I enjoyed the information given, but as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer, I wish this unit would've given more options about how to create supplemental m
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This unit was about evaluation and testing. There are a variety of ways to evaluate the progress of your students, some of which have a specific focus such as business. The placement tests are designe
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This unit was about conditionals and reported speech. I found this lesson to be a little difficult to follow and confusing. The first part of the lesson, talking about the different forms of the condi
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This unit was about teaching aid and resources. I really appreciated the several pages at the end of the lesson with different resources for different subject areas. The most common aids are the white
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This unit was about modals, phrasal verbs, and passive voice. The chart for modals was extremely helpful and I appreciated the degree of certainty/uncertainty included in the chart. Modals are may, mu
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This lesson was about teaching special groups. There is the absolute beginner- students who have no English at all, the false beginner- students who may have studied or been exposed to English previou
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This unit was about a variety of miscellaneous topics to help the teacher. It covered how to act in your very first lesson with your new students and how to establish a rapport with them. The first da
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In this unit, my belief in just how difficult the English language is has been reaffirmed. However, I also think that it is really fascinating because it shows how complex our language system is. I ha
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I finally have learned how to write a lesson plan. In previous lessons, I was still confused about how the structure of a lesson plan was supposed to look like. This has given me visual evidence, my l
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The content of this unit expressed two very different ways to conduct a lesson. One was successful, and one was not. The success came from the patience, attitude, and the inclusive behavior that the t
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I've learned that both reading and listening are valuable when learning a new language because without one, the other becomes difficult to navigate. If you only read in another language, you would not
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The content of this unit consisted of teaching me how to help students become better at speaking and writing. It taught me that writing is the least developed skill in students, penmenship is quite di
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I have learned quite a bit about the different parts of pronunciation in the English language. There is intonation, articulation, the phonemic alphabet, and the different activities that one can teach
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I learned that there needs to be an understanding of the materials that we decide to use when teaching students. We must take into account who authentic materials would benefit the most, and who needs
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I have learned the different types of tests that a teacher must know in order to effectively help students determine their strengths and weaknesses, their language level, and their progress as they le
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