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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

D.A. - South Korea said:
In this course, I’ve been reinforced in certain things I have already been doing and have learned to try new things or to alter other activities, actions. For example, in terms of discipline I now feel more confident that I am handling my classes correctly and that I am also communicating in an effective way for students at each level. With that confidence I feel I will not second guess myself when teaching. Things that I will change about my teaching style would include the kind of preparation I do, and I have noticed my classes may be too teacher oriented (This is traditional in the Korean classroom, but I can see that I’ve fallen too much into this habit.) I will be trying to let my students take control of conversation and activity portions of my lessons, and to let them continue (within reason) without interruption when I see they are conversing effectively with each other. I have been too focused on finishing course material and that impedes my effectiveness. I need to find a better balance. I will put more effort into the activities I have in class and avoid activities which have no active proponent (Personally, I believe this means hangman style games as well – in my experience hangman doesn’t offer any meaningful practice beyond burning time. ) In this course I’ve learned more effective ‘game’ activities and how to implement them in my courses. Already, I’ve begun altering how I begin my classes and I now start with a conversation/engage phase each class to get the students interested before we launch into a study session. I find it has worked very well and I’ve seen major improvements in my students’ desire to speak and relate to myself and to the other students. While I still have some difficulties with students occasionally conversing in their native language, it is something I feel more confident to deal with – and when it does happen I simply ask that student to repeat it once more in english or ask another student to translate it.