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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

P.A. – U.S.A. said:
Taking this course has been a gratifying and fulfilling experience on many levels. On the surface, I get to walk away from this a well rounded teacher with a greater grasp of english grammar and an arsenal of teaching tools to boot. Underneath, however I walk away from this one step closer to the man I have always wanted to be. “Make a difference wherever you are.” is what my friend Joe Mikhail said to me before I left for Vietnam. Taking this course as a step to teaching english is my ‘expression in the world’ of that request. Anyone who learns to use the english language will have a life very different from the one they would have otherwise had, especially here. I believe that. Taking this course on has been one of the more difficult endeavors I have done to date, perhaps because of my affinity towards things more kinesthetic – I was a dancer for over 15 years. Academics, historically, did not come easy for me and here I am now, completing something that I knew (when I started) would be extremely difficult for me. That, in itself, has done something to shape who I am today. Today I am confident in my abilities to learn. I am confident in my ability to teach. I find myself resolute in my commitment to make a difference where I am and this leads me to the one thing I gained, personally, that will make a lasting impact on my life and all the actions I do from this moment forward. I have realized my capacity to care for others is greater than I ever thought possible. To be an effective teacher, I have to care about others. Teaching isn’t about delivering lessons as it is creating a space for others to feel safe to fall knowing there will be support for them to get back up. It is about taking on the idea that I don’t ‘win’ unless others around me ‘win’. It’s about being for others; not just myself. Starting this course, I never knew myself to be that kind of person but I do now. I learned so much academically and personally as a result of this course. My students, as a result, are going to have a teacher that is knowledgeable, fun, and always listening for that which makes a real difference in their journey to learning english.