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F.A. – U.S.A. said:
The course prepared me to provide high-quality EFL instructions to english learners of any level. I received solid training in lesson planning, teaching techniques and other important areas for effective teaching. I found the syllabus for this course to be comprehensive, interesting and current. I felt I was challenged by my tasks but not overwhelmed, thus I found the course well balance. I feel that I have worked hard, completed my tasks well and learned the material well. I especially liked the tutor system and the videos. I think that this is what makes this course stand apart from the others. I feel am able to integrate many new ideas into my teaching and have some ideas to share with my colleagues. The resources from this course will be very useful in the future. IIIT offers a first rate course that I can confidently recommend to anyone looking for further qualifications in the ESL/EFL field or simply wanting to solidify their proficiency.