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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

T.L. – U.S.A. said:
When I first started this course, I had doubts as to whether or not I could be a teacher. I simply didn't know where to start or how to teach effectively. Now that I have taken it, I have a much better idea of how to run a lesson and feel much more confident about teaching. The grammar points reviewed during the course were very informative, even for me. As a natural speaker, I never really think about language in terms of appropriate tenses, grammar, or usage because it is so second nature. I used to find myself having trouble explaining the simplest phrases to foreigners and now I feel much more equipped to talk about language in an analytical way. I plan on putting what I've learned into action by teaching of course! I hope to start off giving lessons in new york for a while and then finding work in taiwan. I'm interested in teaching business english and adult learners.