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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

N.D. – U.S.A. said:
One of the words that regularly to come to mind as I summarize this course is amazing. An amazing language, a demanding course and amazing results based on the study and submission of the worksheets. This course created an attitude of responsibility that we have as teachers to our students. Throughout the lessons I felt like the information was being shared not to impress or just to get a good grade but instead to be able to be accountable to other professional teachers and to be able to teach effectively -- always giving the students their moneys worth. Another glaring observation came as a result of the grammar and techniques. As native speakers we take an awful lot of the construction of language for granted. Then as we are required to teach it with understanding and clarity, the nuances and irregularities really begin to show up. It is also incredible how little many non-teachers actually know about their own native tongue. I have a much greater appreciation for the difficulties foreign speakers have in learning english and also admire their abilities to shift seamlessly back and forth from their own language. I plan to put into action all that I have learned in this course. I’m delighted to be able to refer to the lessons, worksheets and tutor comments. In addition I located many other great resources that will be a valuable compliment going forward. Some of the critical points to remember will be to: * Stay in touch with the students and ask for feedback. * Refer to materials and other language related resources * Practice, practice, practice * Keep a fresh perspective and ask for help * Maintain a level of organization and professionalism I’m excited to test my skill and give the gift that I will continue to develop. Personally I will initially look for more study opportunity, probably in a “live” setting and then decide where and when I can begin to practice helping others learn and improve their english.

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