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N.K. - Taiwan said:
I have personally gained a number of things from this course. I have realized the vast difference between being able to speak english and teaching english. Just because I’m a native english speaker, does not mean that I know how to teach english as a second language. From my personal experience, I feel that having a solid comprehension of english grammar is important as well as how you convey the context of the lesson. Being positive and encouraging is of paramount importance. How you deal with problem behavior should be handled delicately. There should be subtle differences in how problem behavior is handled according to the character and other social aspects of the student. To be able to effectively engage and keep students interested in a lesson can minimize the chances of problem behavior occurring. I have realized that continuous practice and review is important, especially in a country where the students will lack the opportunity to practice the newly acquired language in real life situations. I have learnt that each student is different and that, I as a teacher can have an enormous effect (positive or negative) on the class atmosphere and on each individual student. I have realized that teamwork is important and that the teacher needs to build a good rapport with the students. I have learnt that it’s best to prevent problem behavior rather than give it the chance to arise. Various methods can be used to effectively engage the students and narrow the chances of having problem behavior. I have learnt that the teacher needs to be patient and kind. I have learnt some basic grammar rules, which I’m sure will be helpful in the near future. I feel that I have gained a deeper understanding of the english language as a whole, but that I still need to study further in order to strengthen my knowledge of english grammar and other aspects of teaching english as a second language and to be a more effective teacher overall. I intend to use what I have learnt in this tefl course to teach english in taiwan, where I currently reside. I also intend to use the knowledge gained in this course to give learners of english a more effective learning experience and to refine my teaching ability.

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