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This is how our TEFL graduates feel they have gained from their course, and how they plan to put into action what they learned:

M.I. - U.S. said:
I have gained a more exact understanding of english grammar and how to explain it in simple term to students. On that note, I have also learned some common student mistakes about english grammar. I have come away with a store of activities that are useful for each section of a lesson (engage, activate, study) and how to formally incorporate these sections into a written lesson plan and how to smoothly transition from one to the other. I have learned much about how to gauge student levels with various activities and tests. Additionally, I have learned how to properly use worksheets and other study materials without over-doing it. Some of what I have personally gained is not new knowledge because I have naturally implemented or learned it previously. But it is still useful to solidify my foundation as a teacher. And, I have gained much in the way of properly using each phase to its advantage without spending too much time on one part. That is probably the biggest gain I have received from this course. Naturally, I plan to incorporate all of what I've learned in my future classes (including the ones I'm currently teaching, of course). I hope my lesson plans submitted in this course have proved satisfactory, as I intend to implement similar lessons in my classes--smoothly transitioning from engage, to study, to activate, and so on. Already I am learning how to do this in real situations and it is proving very beneficial to my students.

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