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This presentation is going to focus on the use of course books, materials and teaching aids. There are many materials that we can bring to our classroom that will help with the teaching of our lessons and these include, though they're not limited to, things such as the wipe board, similar to the one that we're using here, various types of visual aids, created or bought worksheets, the use of cassettes CDs and DVDs and the use of video and in these classroom materials, we can also include things such as dictionaries and course books, various types of resource books that we'll have a look at and other materials such as photo copiers, computers, OHPs. So what we'd like to do is just to take a general look at some of the issues relating to each of these types of materials.

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Conditional sentences contain ?if? or ?when? and refer to present and future possibilities There are five main conditionals: Zero Conditional if/when + present tense, present tense Referring to irrefutable actions and facts When you boil water, you get steam First Conditional if + present simple, will (or modal verb : ma.
Might, can, should, must) Talks about a real situation in the future once a condition has been met If he studies hard, he will pass the exam 2 Second Conditional if\\ if+ past simple, would/could/might/ + base form Communicates a present or future hypothetical situation presently untrue and unlikely ever If I won the lottery, I would travel the world Third Conditional if + past perfect, would/could/might + have + past participle Hypothetical past action and the hypothetical past result If I had practiced the piano, I would have been better Mixed Conditional if + past perfect, would + base form If + past perfect, would + base form If I had listened to him, I would be in serious trouble no.
Typical errors occur from past tenses being used in 2nd conditional when referring to the future Also in confusion between 1st and 2nd conditionals and 3rd and mixed conditionals Teaching Ideas include: Split sentences, Complete the conditional, Chain conditionals, What a question!, and role plays about What would happen i.
Actual speech is direct speec.
Reported speech is about the speech that was heard and the tense is modified according to the time fram.
It is in present tense if the situation is in the present, In past tense after the time being reporte.
When turning direct questions into reported (indirect) speech the question word remains but the verb changes into the positive form without the question mar.
The rule for verb changes for indirect speech are given in a useful tabl.
But there are also exceptions, some of which are demonstrate.
Time expressions also shift according to the time of the original speech and a diagram is given to illustrate thi.
There is enormous potential for confusion by new learners whose native languages deal differently with conditional and indirect speec.
Teaching ideas include: Intermediaries; Reporting verbs; Media interviews; et.

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