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In this lesson it talks a lot about course books that can be used to teach your classes. It talks about how they can be beneficial in providing security to the students and the teacher, usually they a
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I am a teacher and very grateful to learn all these methods in teaching. Learning these different methodologies is very helpful in teaching English language with confidence. And at the same time, stud
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In this lesson, I had to concentrate to get the right answers in my tasks. I have realized that grammar is a lot like math. We need to have the equation to the sentence that the students are learnin
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Central Falls
This unit is about conditionals and reported speech. I found this unit really built up on the past and present tenses, combined them, and explaimed the new, more complicated, form that they can create
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Vocabulary, grammar, and function can be taught effectively using the Engage-Study Activate class structure and its variations, the Boomerang and the Patchwork ESA class structures. Different kinds o
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I have learned a lot from these videos. The first class was not effective and it was hard to watch. The students were not interested and deeply confused. I thought the teacher was only there to get
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In this unit I learned about the different future tenses and the examples of when they are supposed to be used. I also learned that the most common forms of future tenses are the "going to" future ten
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This unit has given me the tools and knowledge to go into a classroom and teach children or adults. Children you will see a greater impact on the English language. More students will attend your cla
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East Greenwich
The school I have been hired to teach at I know regularly has courses to prepare students for the Cambridge Test, which to be honest I had no idea what it was until now. So after readingt his section
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East Providence
Although I think I will revisit the site links in the final pages of this lesson, I thought overall that this lesson was the least helpful in knowing what tools are available in the classroom. It was
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Teaching pronunciation is very difficult for teachers to teach. I feel that some students will have a hard time to do intonation when learning a new language. However, it is a big part of learning t
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In this unit I think I have received the most from the correction section. In this section it is clear of when corrections should be made and that it is not always appropriate to make corrections in a
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Speaking and writing are important to a students growth in English. They are both different but used for the same purpose. We need both to communicate. The teacher needs to create a need or desire
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In this unit I learned about the receptive skills and how reading and listening are both equally important. I learned about scanning skills and how to use them both in listening and reading in a speci
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In this unit, they teach on conditionals and reported and direct speech. Conditionals are sentences that contain if that refer to past, present and future possibilities. There are five different types
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In this unit I think that there is a big importance in where you place your children in the classroom. In how you set up your classroom I think has a lot to do with the level of English you are teachi
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In this lesson there are a few parts that stood out to me as the most important. The first would be making sure as a teacher you are more focused on your students learning than how you are teaching. I
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Little Compton
My goal for ESL teaching is to work with young learners, therefore all of the facts and advice given in the section aimed at young learners I felt was very helpful and useful for me personally. I als
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Assessing and testing students are important to teaching. Most students will want to learn English to go to school or work in English-speaking countries. Most of them will have to take an examinatio
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After studying this unit you learn about the different aids that you can use in the classroom and their benefits. The different aids include, CD/DVD players, cassette players, overhead projectors, whi
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New Shoreham
Some of the grammar in this chapter, such as modul verbas, I found very intuitive and easy to follow, I struggled with the final part of really understanding transitive and intransitive phrasal verbs.
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This unit is important. It will help me get control of the classroom. I will be able to spot common problems and know how to deal with them. The first lessons are nerve-wracking but with this unit
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North Kingstown
This section was about the two skills: reading and listening. It discussed their importance and different ideas of how to bring them correctly into the classroom. I found the example lessons interesti
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North Providence
This unit was about teaching special, or specific, groups English. The main focus was on beginners learning English and the different "levels" of what it means to be a beginner and business English st
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North Smithfield
I thought that the continuous and the first half of the lesson was very clear and easy to understand the second part of the lesson, using reported speech I found slightly confusing. I had to revert b
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This unit is very helpful with the various examples that are given and does a good job of explaining each part of speech with great detail. These lessons have helped me better understand the differen
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I think the advice for how to start the first lesson with creating a rapport and not referring to the course book was helpful advice. I also liked the section of warmers to be implemented and differe
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In this lesson I learned about the different types of testings that should be used and when to use them. Placement tests, being used in the beginning to determine in what level of class the learner ne
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In this unit I learned the things that should be included in a lesson plan, that there are many different factors you have to include. From how long you want each activity to take to the making sure t
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Reading and listening are the first two basic skills every English learner must study. Reading and listening must have purpose and entertainment qualities. We use the mind to understand words and ph
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Lesson planning is very important for all teachers. Lesson planning will be different for every teacher so there are many forms of lesson plans. When you are first starting, a formal lesson plan wil
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South Kingstown
I have learned the four things that each student must know learning a new language. They must be exposed to the language. It's important that they get the knowledge from a native speaker. They must
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The course book is very important for the students. It is expected by the students, contains a syllabus that has worked, well balanced and it has a natural progression. Although some of the books do
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This unit is very helpful. Understanding the different parts of speech is important in understanding how words can and should be joined together to make sentences that are both grammatically correct a
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In this unit it shows the right ways and the wrong ways to teach in a classroom. It is shown well, with different examples of how to teach grammar and how to include all of your students by learning t
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West Greenwich
This unit was titled Troubleshooting and I find that quite accurate. This isn't something a new teacher can read in grammar books therefore I found it very helpful. This section gives tips for all typ
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West Warwick
This section was about the teaching aids available to language teachers. It gave full detail on what we can expect to have, what we should have, and how to prepare for it. I find a CD or Cassette extr
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In this unit, I have learned about the different teaching aids I can use. I will use most of them in my teaching. I believe that the board will be the most popular equipment I will use. I will use
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Students won't be able to construct a well-thought and meaningful sentences to convey their ideas if they are only good at grammar. It is a must when it comes to learning new language to also learn vo
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