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A goal for language learners may be to gain the ability to produce the langauge on one's own ability. However, speaking and writing may often times prove to be the most difficult for students to grasp
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This unit is about course books and lesson materials. As an English teacher, we should develop the ability of choosing the suitable materials for our students, though usually it is the school authorit
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In unit 3 we learned that there are many method which each one focus on special aspect of language .For example : Grammar translation method focus on one to one translation from L1 to L 2 and finding
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American Falls
The content of this unit is talking about the future(future tenses) and common tenses and ideas which can be used in the future. In this unit i have learnt that there are several ways to talk about th
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Unit 11 talks about teaching receptive skills. Receptive skills are reading and listening. It demonstrates that the students need to be able to do both to fully understand what is going on. There are
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From this unit I had learnt that planning is a fundamental tool. I order to either keep track of the students and mine personal steps, I would need to plan and record my lessons. Plan consist not only
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The purpose of this unit was to explain the use of course books and lesson materials. Sometimes course books don’t have appropriate content for the lesson so the teacher has to come up with suppleme
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While there is no set rule on how to make a lesson plan there are, however, ways to make a good lesson plan that's useful for the instructor. A good lesson plan can aid an instructor by helping develo
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In this unit I have learnt that there are 7 different tenses for the future in English grammar. Each one of them is use in a determinate manner and time frame, to express intentions or predictions, to
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Atomic City
I learned a lot from the first unit! To be a good teacher, I need to possess a lot of good qualities, like being kind and patient, being lively and interesting. I also need to have good rapport and in
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In this unit I learned about the five kinds of conditionals and how they are used. This unit was particularly helpful for me because conditionals seem to be something that could be difficult for stude
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Instructors have a plethora of tools to help fuel their language teaching and catch the attention of their students. However, whatever method or tool an instructor uses there needs to be a mindfulness
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In this unit I learned about how to analyze a course book, taking into consideration variables such as price, availability, design, and methodology, as well as why it might be advantageous to choose a
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This unit teaches about how to introduce new language to new learners.English grammar is thought to be the trunk and branches of the language, whilst the vocabulary and functions are thought to be the
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This unit is very detailed about language fluency and accuracy so it give me great details of how I should control my class.As a teacher I shouldn’t control how fluent my students are at speaking En
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The course book should not be the only source of planning a lesson for students. A good teacher should be able to supplement extra materials to the existent designed course book in order to interest t
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I with there was more explanation of the ending information- phrases verbs. It was the most confusing part of the lesson for me. I don’t feel very confident about the last three questions and answer
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Bonners Ferry
This unit was to explain lesson planning which allows for lessons in the classroom to be taught in a concise and effective manner. The functions this adds is an aid to planning, a working document, an
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The content of this unit is tenses(present tenses) and some grammar points. I learnt that the present tense usually describes a current event or state of being. Secondly,have learnt in this unit that
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There are four aspects of the present tense form. Although using them and distinguishing how to form present tense sentence, it is important to understand all four aspects to better the learning of EL
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The content of this unit is the different equipment and resources that teachers can use in a classroom. From this unit I have learnt that these teaching equipment and resources makes the teaching envi
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Butte City
Since I am teaching while taking this course I can see where in my teaching I need improvement and what I have already accomplished. I want to put these methodologies and ideas to use in my future les
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This unit is about some major problems that nay face teachers in teaching English. Also, it suggests some solutions and techniques in order to create successful classes and make learning process serve
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This unit talks about teaching productive(writing and speaking)skills to learners of new languages.It shows the difference between accuracy and fluency in spoken language and how these two should be a
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In this unit I learned nine techniques for boosting students’ English language acquisition, as well as strategies for correcting mistakes that students make without hindering their learning. I found
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The content of this lesson is how to set up an effective classroom management. I have learnt that for a teacher to manage a classroom, he/she must first come up with rules that will stop naughtiness
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This unit talks about course books and lessons materials that should be used by ESL teachers in their classes.It distinguishes between authentic materials; which are materials that are not designed fo
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While teaching is a technique that needs development and hands on learning there are some key things that should be done to ensure the start of a good lesson. For one , how the teacher presents themse
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In this unit, the focus was on the present tense and its form and usage. It dealt with some common usages, rules, forms and committed errors and mistakes by students, and some suggested ideas for acti
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Clark Fork
In this unit I learnt some good tips on how to approach the classroom and continue the lesson following the objectives and targets that I might have set to my self earlier. I have understood the the E
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I liked watching these videos, it is always a good thing to see how other teachers do the job, it helps me to learn a lot and motivate me to do better lessons. However the first lesson was very confus
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This unit specializes in teaching me how to use different tenses which can enable me engage in a suitable conversation.These tenses enable me to completely elaborate myself.The tenses are not easily c
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Coeur d'Alene
This topic I think to me is the hardest to cope up with this is not only because it requires ait of writing but the mere fact that I get to talk about a lot of staff in my plan that I may not even be
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Today's lesson was on teaching pronunciation and phonology. Phonology is the study, science, analysis, and classification of sounds. An important concept in teaching pronunciation and phonology and
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In this unit I had learnt of the importance of both course books and supporting materials. As teacher I should use the course book as guide line and then develop the lessons by adding materials, eithe
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The two videos in this unit demonstrated correct and incorrect teaching methods. The first video was clearly meant to show what not to do. The students probably didn't learn much and were not interest
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this unit is about future tense. It deals with the seven most common types of it: simple future, future continuous, future perfect, future perfect continuous, going to, simple present and present con
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The purpose of this unit was to discuss conditionals and reported speech. There are five conditionals, which are the zero conditional, first conditional, second conditional, third conditional and the
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Dalton Gardens
This unit doesn’t teach a lot because since I started doing this I know how to read but the problem with every native English speaker would be listening .The art of listening is not easily mastered
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This unit states some various ways of evaluating students level and progress. Also, it highlights some common external exam that a teacher should prepare his or her students for. In addition to that,
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Unit 7 gave me the opportinity to create my own plans of "straight arrow" ESA laesson, "boomerang" and "patchwork" ones. With the last one I had some questions, but happily did it well. In the example
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From this unit, I learned the fundamentals of English; parts of speech or grammar. Encouraging students to be able to communicate and speak English with fluency is of course important, but in order to
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This lesson really I love and learned a lot of method of techniques which we are practising without knowing exactly what time for whom it will be used. example " The silent way" methodology meaning no
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This unit covered different methods to teach a lesson to different levels of English learners. The main point is the the old methods, used by themselves, are ineffective in teaching English. A structu
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This unit has been the usual I knew but the only Problem I got is that even if I know how to claaaify the tenses but i find it hard to explain them without using sentences but using my own explanation
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In this unit I have learnt how to identify the different types of conditionals and how to report correctly other people sentences. As per every grammar topic it might seem complicated but once you und
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This lesson covers present tenses. An example of present simple tense is "I work," or "I play." The present continuous uses the verb "to be," for example, "I am learning." The present perfect relat
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This lesson covers future tenses. There is future simple, future continuous, future perfect and future perfect continuous, and going future. The lesson also covers present simple and present continu
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This unit focuses on class management and how the teacher should establish a good rapport with the learners in order to manage the classroom and the learners. It comes with different solutions for pro
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This unit covers evaluation and testing in the classroom setting. The ways to evaluate the students is with tutorials, evaluation by the students, and most prominently, with testing. There are several
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