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Beginners are not all the same. Some of them might have never been exposed to English, some others might, or we might have to work with adult beginners which are highly motivated to learn while young
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In this last unit we have learnt how to deal with certain situations we might encounter in the classroom. When it comes to the first lessons, it is important to use activities to establish rapport be
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This unit was about grammar points that are difficult to teach to EFL students. It covered phrasal verbs, passive voice, relative clauses and modal verbs. Phrasal verbs are verbs with one or more part
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This unit covers working with different kinds of students and in different kinds of environments. There are one-on-one lessons, children, business English learners, multilingual classrooms and monolin
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The final unit was about dealing with common problems in the classroom, like large classes and students of different levels in one class. Another example is the first lesson. Teachers need to find out
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In unit five, I learned that the teacher’s voice and physical presence are actually quite important factors in a language learning environment. Certain gestures and actions will make the students mo
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Unit six taught me to pay attention to words and phrases that indicate usage of the past tense. As a native speaker, it oftentimes feels quite simple to instantly know the correct conjugation and whic
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Unit seven provided me with information on how to best structure lessons for grammar, vocabulary, and language functions. I learned that there are unique characteristics of each type of lesson that re
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This unit has made me realize that is really important to mantain a nice and comfortable space to present a class. But not only the classroom, we also need to consider what we use to create a good, in
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This unit confirms what I've always thought when we're learning a new language, the aqcuiring progress will always start with the vocabulary. It doesn't matter if a student hasn't been able to create
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This unit was a useful on that allowed me to learn about the different methods I use to create a fun learning environment in my classroom. It was a good reminder to know that starting the lesson right
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Motivation is the key to learning, for both adults and children. This is especially true for children as their attention span is shorter than adults and, in most cases, children themselves have not ma
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Teaching English as a foreign language is a challenging, yet rewarding career choice. As an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher, we must learn to constantly adapt to our students' needs. Many t
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I believe this unit has really made me understood the importance of a variety of elements present in a class. Since the very beginning of a class we're supposed to encourage our students to participat
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I would say that according to my experience listening (comprehension) is the first skill students develop. When teaching students will usually try to understand a whole sentence by knowing the meaning
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This unit deals with a lot of useful things we have to bear in mind teaching special groups,namely beginners,individuals,children and business people.This concerns tips for teaching,methodology and te
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