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This unit deals with grammar and parts of speech. A breakdown of many types of speech are studied, including nouns, adjectives, articles, verbs, adverbs, gerunds, pronouns and prepositions/conjunctio
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Chiang Mai
This unit deals with different teaching methods and practices. The most common is known as E S A. Engage - Study - Activate. Engage – the warm-up to the lesson by the teacher; try to get them in
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This unit is on Present Tenses. It goes into great detail on the four types: 1. Present simple - facts, routines, habits 2. Present continuous - something happening now; frequent actions, developin
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Hat Yai
This unit is about managing classes. This is an important skill that a teacher needs in order to be confident. Eye contact, gesture and voice are all essential to establishing good connections with
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Khon Kaen
This unit deals with Past Tenses. The structure and applications of past tenses are similar to the ones learned in the present tenses unit - except they are relating things/time in the past. A brief
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Nakhon Pathom
Dear Tutor; I thought I would breeze through this chapter for a quick 100%. I now have zero confidence in getting these all correct! This is true. I went to sleep after finishing this chapter, and w
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Nakhon Ratchasima
Dear Tutor; This Chapter has been a real test for me in my least favorite grammar subject; the 'dreaded tenses'. Taking a 'reported sentences' and converted it to a 'direct speech sentences', is conf
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Nakhon Sawan
Dear Tutor; I enjoyed this chapter, and I cannot say that about all these units. I suspect that this was because it offers the "manly man" something to set up, or repair....something that I can, fin
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Nakhon Si Thammarat
Dear Tutor; I feel like I "walked into" another dimension. I use phrases like "get off", "catch up with", etc., all the time. If I was not born into English, this would be almost as difficult as un
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Dear Tutor: This lesson was very helpful to me as it is my intention to specialize in teaching Business English. I have had direct knowledge on this as I have a degree in Business, and I designed an
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Dear Tutor: I guess that about covers it, although I believe there is a further exercise.....a lesson plan?? I had no serious issues with this course, and think this is a pretty good course. A frie
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This unit is about Teaching a New Language. Vocabulary, gram and functions are the basis of the lessons. Four things are required for students to be able to do with new language- no matter what the le
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This unit is about future tenses.I find these ‘tense’ units challenging to go through. It will take a lot of practice to become comfortable with these sections. The seven most common future tensss
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This unit deals with Lesson Planning. As new teachers it is important to do lesson plans. It will help build confidence in our ability to teach and control our thoughts as we present to the class.
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Surat Thani
I have come to know and familiar with the teaching equipment and teaching aids within the unit. There are few new classroom teaching equipment that I have never known or seen before until now. It is
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Ubon Ratchathani
I felt that there isn't enough examples and exercises for the phrasal verbs and relative clauses in this unit. The two topics are also not included in the video clip. It would be helpful to provide mo
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Udon Thani
This unit is very important. It provides you the knowledge of each different types of English learners one might come across while thinking of becoming an English teacher. The breakdown of English beg
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