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This unit deals with Past Tenses. The structure and applications of past tenses are similar to the ones learned in the present tenses unit - except they are relating things/time in the past. A brief summary - Past Simple. Add -ed to the base of the verb. For irregular verbs, all have another word to indicate the past, except for BE it uses was or were. Past continuous. Use was/were and add -ing. Past Perfect. The past in the past. HAD plus past participle. Past action in the past. Eg. When I got to the car park, I realized I HAD LOST my keys. Past Perfect Continuuous. Past action in the past. Uses HAD BEEN and -ing. Usually time is indicated. Eg. She had been cooking 3 hours before we ate lunch. This area will take a lot of practice with the students. Use of many worksheets, games, role playing and discussion will be important learning tools.