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In unit 10 I have read about evaluating students, and different way to do it. It states a lot about different tests used for different purposes. All from beginners level to people who tent to move to
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Bat Yam
I liked the contrast in the styles of teaching between the 2 videos. I was very confused by the first video's instructions, it was obvious that the students would have been as well. The second video's
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This unit's lesson has has given me an overall view of lesson planning. First of all, it explained whether a lesson should be planned. Then the important functions of a lesson plan was discussed. It a
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Bnei Brak
This is a good overview on using games that we may have grown up with to elicit learning of a new language. The games would also be great to teach art students how to think creatively as well. I learn
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There was very evidently a difference in both the videos of the same teacher teaching to the same group of students, the same kind of lesson. The difference was in various aspects from the teacher poi
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This unit dealt with the basic skills in a language. They are receptive and productive. It talked about the importance of reading, listening, speaking and writing. All of these skills are equally impo
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This unit deals with the productive skills - speaking and writing. It talks about the accuracy and fluency of this skills. It gives the reasons for the communicative skills.It also deals with the diff
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We generally take reading and listening for granted. In this unit one get to understand the difficulties learners have with reading and listening to a new language. Having lived in SEA for an extensiv
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This unit consists of portions that deal with course books and different materials. It deals with the difference between authentic materials and creative materials. Also deals with the advantages and
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Or Yehuda
This unit has helped me to know the various testing and evaluating methods that are used during a course of teaching English language. I also came to understand the different tests and at which level
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Petah Tikva
Having taught in various Countries within SEA, I have first hand experience on the lack of good and effective hand books and teacher's guide books. It is very hard to achieve outcome without the stude
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Ramat Gan
This unit has discussed the several methods that have been employed to teach English, some which have become outdated.It is difficult to decide which method is the best, but it would seem that a combi
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The unit gave a well described insight into Conditionals, Reported and Direct Speech. One do realize that the teaching of the contents to the student will be quite challenging. Personally I will spend
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Rishon LeZion
This unit give great insight into teaching aids and their benefit to the teacher and student alike. I will visit as many of the sites mentioned in the near future to familiarize myself with the conten
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Tel Aviv
This unit has shown how to a teacher can use eye contact , gestures and voice to communicate clearly with the students. It has discussed the management of the class , with seating arrangements and usi
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