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This unit has taught me that making use of authentic and created materials have their own advantages and disadvantages. Using authentic materials will speak to the intrests of your class and promote c
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Bahia Blanca
This unit has taught me the importance of testing your students through the course of their studies. The unit outlined the three ways of assessing a students language level. Tutorials, tests and eva
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Buenos Aires
I felt like most of this information was obvious because of my teaching experiences. I still learned some tips here and there, such as "Use language that is below the level being taught," and "Teach t
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Comodoro Rivadavia
I felt like a lot of this exam was not covered in the main text. Also, it seems that you could either start class by eliciting the present perfect tense, or you could start with a discussion about cit
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I found this lesson to be helpful especially with the practice exam given. I also found the perspective of some teachers not wanting to give progress tests, but rather, monitoring progress through the
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I very much enjoyed the videos and learned a lot from them. I found it best to watch each video for only a few minutes at a time and then switch to the other video so that I could better compare the t
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I thought this was a basic unit. I liked the idea of scrambling two stories and having the students sort them out. I don't have a lot to say about this unit. Reading and listening are both important.
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The teaching materials are often provided for me, so this lesson was not very useful, but it could be useful in the future. I already follow a lot of the advice given, such as supplementing and adapti
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La Plata
I did not like question 3 because I thought there were two correct answers. Overall, this unit was useful in informing me about external exams that I did not know about, and their purposes. If I have
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La Rioja
I enjoyed reading about how to engage the class in the very first lesson. I was worried about that first time I go to meet my students and how to get them interested in English and learning, but this
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Lomas de Zamora
For the overview of the future tense in English, it is a Verb from that generally marks the event described by the verb as not having happened yet, but predicted to happen in the future. there are sev
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Lujan de Cuyo
This Unit has supplied the new teacher the teaching skill how we will plan the lesson before we teach on class. As we know, the English language is the essential skill for English teachers but Plan th
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Mar del Plata
In The conclusion, we could see obviously the differentiation of these two videos about the class atmosphere, teacher teaching styles, gestures, attitudes..etc. For the first lesson, the teacher immed
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Receptive skills are important factors that help students can improve and develop the English ability more fluently. Students usually problematic with unfamiliar words, strange topics, speed, and acce
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As we know that, speaking and writing skills are essential to English Learners. But these two skills are high demanding that accuracy for both and especially for speaking. Substantially, there are som
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This unit has brought the clarify the knowledge about Pronunciation and Phonology. Phonology has included stress, rhythm, and intonation on utterances as well as concentrating on the international Alp
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Coursebooks and materials are important and usefulness for both teachers and students. Coursebooks must be usually used in every lesson and materials are supplement for the class. Coursebooks give the
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Evaluating Students are an important part of a teacher to help students to explore their level of English knowledge every time when students have finished the test. Testing is often appropriate to giv
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Conditionals are sentences which refer to past, present and future possibilities situation. These are the five main conditionals are as follow: 1) Zero conditional: it is used to talk about generally
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Rio Cuarto
Equipment is a tool which important for class and a teacher to work more conveniently and effectively. This Unit had mentioned fourteen varieties of tools such as broad, interactive broad, overhead pr
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To sum up, this unit has given the essential basic grammar that is commonly taught in EFL such as Modal Auxiliary Verbs, Phrasal verbs, passive voice, and relative clauses. Modal auxiliary verbs are t
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This unit is the last unit for the whole course of TEFL course, it is talking about several problems situation usually arise in the classroom. It has mentioned some troubleshooting techniques that ext
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San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca
By studying this unit, I've learnt the responsibilities and roles of both students and teachers. I've understood that a good teacher will most likely have good students. A good teacher must really car
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San Juan
This unit has taught me the importance of teaching productive skills, speaking and writing. Speaking and writing are equally important skills needed for communication as well as accuracy and fluency.
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San Luis
In this unit I learnt the importance of lesson planning and how it should be implemented into a teachers role for classroom use. A lesson plan can help the teacher organize themselves so that they kno
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San Miguel de Tucuman
In this unit, I've learnt the differences between teaching vocabulary, grammar and functions. All of them are important, even though grammar is the trunk of the language. I feel more confident on how
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San Nicolas
In this unit I learnt what receptive skills (reading and listening) are and how to teach them. Before, I never thought about the fact that reading and listening is not just using eyes and hears. We ca
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San Rafael
In this unit i leant the importance of productive skills and how these are equally as important and receptive skills. Productive skills are used to show how the students are progressing with their wri
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San Salvador de Jujuy
In this unit, after learning how to teach receptive skills, I learnt how to teach productive skills (speaking and writing). They're both an essential part of learning a language. I have many ideas of
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Santa Fe
In this unit, I understood how many types of material a teacher can have. There's not just a normal course book, but having authentic or created material, can be a great way of teaching as well. A cou
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Santiago del Estero
In this unit, I learnt how the students must be evaluated. There are different types of evaluation and different types of tests. One of the types of tests requires external examination. I personally t
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In this unit I have learnt about what makes a good teacher and to understand what type of teacher I would like to be. I have explored learning from a students point of view and how to encourage them
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Vicente Lopez
I have found this unit extremely interesting and have learnt a great deal about lesson planning and the types of lessons I may teach. There are many different formats to structuring a lesson but the
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In Unit 3, we learn about managing a classroom. This can be a large group of 20+ students or a smaller group of 4-5. I have learnt about setting up a classroom to the benefit of both teacher and stude
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