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P.N. - Canada said:
Although we’re both native english speakers, we are long aware that knowing the language does not equal to knowing how to teach language. However, this tesol course really opens our eyes in this teaching field. First, we re-learned part of speech, grammar and tense starting from the very basic level. That gave us a good, explainable technical language background which could help us as teachers to teach/explain to students. Then, the units on methods, techniques, and various skills allowed us to learn the core concepts in teaching, which were completely new to us before this course. Those concepts in teaching were very important for us to learn because those systematic approaches in teaching trained us to be a capable teacher who could deliver lessons effectively in the future. In addition, the lesson planning unit taught us how to write lesson plans, which is a task that is highly required by potential employers. Furthermore, the practical part of the course, such as troubleshooting and demo video viewing, allowed us to see problems/things from students’ perspective, enabling us as teachers to become more understanding to their difficulties. It also allowed us to visualize potential problems that we might encounter in the future. Such knowledge would definitely be helpful in preparing us to deal with real-life situations in the future. Having said all the benefits of the course, the most important part of the course was all the teaching ideas and games suggested for different learning stages and language levels. As learners in the teaching field, we found those suggestions extremely useful to start our teaching career. After having finished the course, we are now definitely better teachers than before. Overall, this course is well structured and covers all aspects of teaching that are necessary to give us the confidence to enter the classroom and start teaching. For instance, with more in-depth knowledge to the language itself, we would be more capable in explaining the technicality of the language to the students. Also, with better understanding to students’ problems/difficulties in learning a new language, we as teachers would be able to provide more empathetic and appropriate helps that suit their needs. Furthermore, we now know how to properly write lesson plans for the lesson preparations. But the most important of all, we now have lots of teaching ideas (from the course) at our disposal, which is something that we completely lacked of before this course. Those ideas/suggestions could now be integrated in the lessons accordingly. They are especially helpful to us because, as new, inexperienced teachers, we need something to follow at the start before we can develop our own styles later on.

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