Short TESOL Diploma

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M.L. – U.S.A. said:
I have learned and definitely gained so much from these 20 units. One of the biggest things I have gained is some humbling insight of just how much I take the english language for granted. I have had all my life to learn english which has included both formal (in classroom settings) and informal (daily interactions). There are so many formals rules that I haven’t even thought of as a rule for understanding how to connect sounds, letters and words to make a sentence. I think that is because I just have an understanding of the english language that I don’t think about the rules or necessarily how they apply. Before if non english speaker asked me why I said something a certain way or even wrote something a certain way, I would probably not have thought so deeply about all the grammatical aspects of the english language. So overall, these units has grounded and reminded me that knowing something isn’t enough if you can’t share that with someone else so that they can understand it too. I will definitely take what I have learned from the materials in this course, as well as the feedback to ensure that I remember to put my students’ needs first and foremost so that they are learning the most that they can from me. I will also remember how frustrated I was with some of these lessons, even being a native english speaker, and be humbled in the face of any frustration and challenges I may face teaching english. Thanks for a very challenging and refreshing look at the english language!

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