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C.V. - Spain said:
I listed below some certain points in which this program helped me : ? From the grammar point of view. I found the explanation of the subjects very clear and easy to understand, which help me to reinforce and consolidate some gaps I had. ? Learning about the ESA lesson planning was very useful, which help me to organize the sessions efficiently. It was a great help knowing about the “engage phase”. I was always concerned about students’ motivation in class, and using that, my sessions go very smooth and my students seems to see and absorb the information easily. I developed organizational skill, which are helping me to conduct a session better, deliver the information organized and in a way students can enjoy while they are learning the language. ? This program helped me to solve some crucial doubts I was asking myself; for example: how to treat the lack of confidence when students must speak in group, the impact of the body language and voice in managing a class, should I be strict correcting mistakes and how?, which part of the language is better to teach first?, how to find out which texts or audios are better for the students’ level and interest; how to guide students to treat them?, should I follow course books strictly?. What can I do if my students speak in their mother language? and finally how can I deal with misbehaving in class?. ? Be aware of the pros & cons of the different types of teaching and the impact of class arrangement in conducting and supervising a session. ? In gaining a great knowledge of activities to expose student to the language or vice versa. Right before commencing this program I started teaching speaking english to small groups and in the one-to-one format, which helped me to put all the units into practice. As the program was advancing I decided to challenge myself with bigger groups and supporting weaker students with their homework. I found with this program the solution of the problems I was encountered.

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