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M.B. – U.S.A. said:
As a current ESL teacher, I have already gained so much from this course. After each unit, I've been able to test and try out new ideas in my classroom as the course has progressed. I feel that this course has allowed me to reflect on my current practices and really improve my teaching. My educational background is in teaching art, and although I have studied teaching methods, the structure of a typical art lesson does not really apply in an ESL classroom. Through this course, I have learned about different stages of ESL teaching (engage, study and activate) as well as many language building ideas and activities that were not covered/relevant in my Art Education study. Beyond teaching philosophy and ideas, this course covered aspects of the english language that were new to me. Although I am a native speaker and intuitively know english grammar, it wasn't until I began this course that I understood why we say things the way we do. I am really pleased with what I've learned through this course in terms of teaching and the english language. Everyday in my classroom, I use this new information to more effectively teach my Korean students the english language. Upon the completion of my current contract in February 2012, I will be searching for a new job, potentially in a foreign country teaching english. This course/certification not only will help me be a more effective teacher, but also, a more qualified job candidate in the ESL field.

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