How to Pronounce 'NEPOTISM'- English Grammar


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word nepotism. This word refers to people in power favoring and giving powerful positions to friends or family. Some synonyms of the word include favoritism, bias, partiality, or partisanship.

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In this lesson I learned about productive skills: speaking and writing. In order to have the students communicating, the students must have a reason to communicate, a purpose, to say something, they want to listen to something or are interested in what's being said. Accuracy and fluency are equally important. Accuracy usually covered in the study phase and is concentrated in producing correct language, fluency is usually covered in the activate phase and is concerned with effective flow of conversation. In accuracy activities, language is controlled by teacher such as drilling or prompting answers from students such as dialogues or guided role play. Fluency activities can be free role play, discussions, information gap, debates, simulations or communication games. To encourage students to speak in the classroom the teacher can encourage it by allowing pair work, group work, practice before fluency activities, planning and making speaking activities purposeful. When presenting a speaking activity, the Teacher should have a plan prepared with aims, materials, predict any problems that may arise and a solution, have clear instructions and decide how long the activity will be. The activity should be interesting to students and he/she ensure students know enough vocabulary to carry on activity, have enough time to prepare and rehearse the activity if needed. The teacher should maintain low profile and let the students be creative. Evaluate the students participation but don't correct them immediately, but do provide positive feedback by letting them know how well they communicated, audio or video record their presentation and let them know how they can improve. If there are recurring errors on a particular student, talk to them in private. Writing skills have to be addressed in a different way. If students are from a different culture where their alphabet writing is different than English, they will need special attention and training. Handwriting and spelling should be encouraged to be correct. Spelling in English is difficult to students because its pronunciation is different than the spelling. Students should be encouraged to read and observe how letters are spelled in English. Writing activities can be planned by choosing a topic of interest to students and then have them check it for spelling, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary usage and format. Communication Games in the classroom are a fun and effective way to have students use their speaking skills and practice their vocabulary.

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