Overview of All English Tenses - Present Tenses - Present Perfect - Irregular Verbs


As mentioned earlier, to form this tense, we have to use a special form of the verb. Technically it's called the past participle form with irregular verbs. Of course these past participle forms change quite a bit from its base form of the verb. Here are a few examples 'go' moves to 'gone', 'be' moves to 'been', 'write' to 'written', 'speak' to 'spoken' and 'read'. Although very confusing for the non-native speaker, doesn't change its spelling, but does change its pronunciation, resulting in 'read' going to 'read'.

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The focus of Unit 14 is on course books and lesson material.
The materials which teachers use in conducting a lesson can be considered to be authentic or create.
Authentic materials are things a native English speaker will hear or read while created materials are materials designed by the teache.
Created materials are usually more interesting to students and are used by teachers to replace or supplement course book material.
Some advantages and disadvantages of using authentic materials are: Advantages ? Boost students? confidence as they are able to understand i.
? The materials are authentic/real which the students find more interestin.
? Allows students to be more prepared for the real world of Englis.
? The materials are geared towards the interest of a particular group of student.
Disadvantages ? The material may not be for the language level of student.
? Can be difficult for students to understan.
Sometimes the information given is informal and will confuse students who are just learning the English Languag.
Some advantages and disadvantages of using created materials are: Advantages ? Materials geared towards language level of student.
? It is student focuse.
This means it is geared towards the student?s interes.
For example, the teacher can use a game which the students love in order to spark interest in the lesson topi.
Disadvantages ? It can limit the exposure of students to everyday English (real/ authentic.
? Sometimes it is time-consuming to create material.
Course book materials are important for guiding a lesso.
Some advantages and disadvantages of course book materials are: Advantages ? It is expected by student.
? It is less time-consuming for the teache.
? It provides security for teachers and student.
? It provides a syllabus based on the language level of student.
? It is something a teacher can rely on when he/she runs out of ideas for the lesso.
? There is a mix of lessons covering grammar, vocabulary and skills wor.
? There is continuity and progression of lesson.
? Language items in previous lessons are often used in succeeding lesson.
? It is attractive and appealing to the ey.
? It is helpful for inexperienced teacher.
Disadvantages ? It does not always fit the specific needs of student.
? It can result in teachers becoming laz.
? Students may not like the boo.
? It dictates the lessons to be taugh.
? It can become predictable and boring to student.
? Some course books are outdated and unattractive to student.
Even though course books have its disadvantages, there are ways in which a teacher can maximize its effec.
Some of these are: ? Course book should only be used as a guide for the lesso.
? Do not use the course book for the entire lesso.
? Do not think of the course book as a solution to everythin.
? Use the materials contained in the book that is most beneficial to student.
? Do not base all lessons around the course boo.

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