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Buon ma thuot
According to my experience conditionals are definitely one of the most confusing topics in english grammar. This unit showed us interesting and fun excercises which can make students understand easily
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Can Tho
Troubleshooting:- is a form of problem solving, often applied to repair failed products or processes on a machine or a system. It is a logical, systematic search for the source of a problem in order t
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Da Lat
Finally, the last unit but not least! According to establishing rapport between new group mates and the teacher I got to know about ball game and I am going to use it certainly!It was helpful informat
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Da Nang
Equipment and teaching aids are essentials when it comes to prepare a class. When I was a student, my english teachers always carried their cassette recorder and they played different dialogues or sto
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Ha Long
On this unit I learn different types of classes, Teaching beginners - the term beginner tends to strike fear into the hearts of inexperienced teachers. Many teachers claimed that teaching beginners i
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This unit showed us some of the most common problem that teachers can encounter in the classroom. One of the biiggest problem that teacher face are at varying levels. Some students learn more quickly
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This unit is about the different types of classrooms, students and groups a EFL teacher can encounter. There are the beginners, the adult beginner and the beginner who alphabet is not in roman, among
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Ho Chi Minh City
This unit is about the most common difficulties a teacher may encounter in the classroom, such as: establishing rapport with a new group or an existing group that previously had a different teacher. T
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Teaching in a multilingual class can be quite advantageous. The students do not have any common language apart from English and are therefore forced to communicate only in English. Teaching beginners
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Common problems that a teacher may face in a teaching career include but not limited to first lessons, how to create warmers, teaching students with different language levels, teaching large classes,
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This unit is about teaching different kind of English-language learners. The unit discusses how teaching beginners should be handled as well as the differences between teaching young beginners and adu
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Nha Trang
This unit looks at the major problems a teacher may have in the classroom and how to avoid them or how to deal with them. I believe that this unit was helpful, but not exactly necessary. Throughout th
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Qui Nhon
This unit along with the previous grammar units have been really useful, showing through simple yet detailed activities and examples, so we can teach our students in a clear way. Since grammar can be
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Rach gia
This unit addressed common problems in the classroom and how teachers can address those problems. I learned that it is important to establish rapport with students and to discover what they are mainly
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Thai Nguyen
The focus of this unit is teaching various types of beginning students, teaching individual students, teaching children, and teaching Business English or ESP. Each types has its own strengths and cha
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This unit reminds me that each class is unique, and that there is always a way to calmly and effectively address a problem. Throughout this course, emphasis has been placed on the decorum of the teach
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