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I have always thought that the textbook is very helpful for students to use, because all the information is there already. What I learned through this lesson was that although it is very helpful, it c
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Testing is an important part of the whole teaching experience, because it tells the teacher what the students have actually retained, without the guidance of the teacher to answer their questions. Thi
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Baia Mare
This content showed the differences of conditionals of a sentence. It was a bit confusing at first, but the rules given in the book really helped to elaborate. For students, grammar is probably one of
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This lesson really gives a lot of information about the different tools we can use in the classroom for lessons to go smoothly. I think that giving me different sources for certain elements need for
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This lesson really goes in depth with the different grammar rules. At first, it is kind of hard to keep up, but as you continue to read it gets easier. Although I got confused on some of the questions
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This lesson taught me of the different learners I will encounter as well as the different classes I will teach. I was a little fearful of teaching kids and young adults, but this lesson really assures
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This last lesson was basically an overview of the initial problems you might face when teaching a class. I knew that there were going to a variety of students I would encounter, but I didn't know a go
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I think this unit will be the most challenge class for me, maybe is there have quiet of academic nouns. while i was doing the last few of questions, i can't understand it at first, after i check the
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Until now i just know that there are lots of different materials for us to choose in teaching, and it can be seperate from authentic material and creative material, also different section gets it own
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after learning in this unit, i have learn some knowledge about variety English material while teaching, especially when we face in different students. for what kinds of materials that we use can be
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Drobeta-Turnu Severin
this unit can help me to understand the expression of time more clearly. and this can separate into two section which were conditionals and reported speech. we will use different form of tenses to co
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There are so many equipment and materials for teaching, i think it is quite useful. because resources will be the important part while teaching, we ca n not only depend on the text book, it will give
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I have learned three mains of gramma in this unit which were modals, passive voice and phrasal verb. these are really useful and through all of these knowledge point, i have been thinking about all th
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i think this unit is really helpful with me to teaching different kinds of people who wants to learning English. they are include the groups of people who are beginner or children and business man. al
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this is the last ITTT course that i have learned, and it was mostly focus on the common problems that i will face. no matter for the first class or existing class, also for the stronger students and
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Piatra Neamt
Woh !! Information overload. This is an extensive unit and the most technical so far. Just like the previous 2 units, it's an important lesson as it's about communication. Incorrect pronunciation and
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The previous units talked about HOW the information is communicated whereas this unit talks about THE information. We learn about the advantages and disadvantages between using generic study books whi
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In this unit I learned about the ways in which a teacher can evaluate their students (at the beginning, during, and end of the course) whilst also finding out how effective their teaching methods have
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Ramnicu Valcea
This unit definitely brought some forgotten aspects of the English language to my attention..... aspects which I haven't thought about since my days in school. There are definitely some technicalities
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Satu Mare
This unit is all about the tools a teacher can use to help them communicate the English language more effectively. There are many different tools to choose from, each having their own advantages & dis
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A tricky unit. It basically talks about the meaning, focus, ownership and context. I understood the modals functions ie how they give meaning to the main verbs. I did, however, find the Phrasal verbs
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I have learned how different teaching techniques and approaches are required to teach varied student/group types. This wisdom is something that is acquired overtime with teaching experience, so it ma
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I have learned the importance of teaching pronunciaiton. the techniques that the teachers can apply to teach stress and intonation, how to identify the stress in a sentence that could convey various m
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This is quite a self-explanatory unit but still, I did pick up some new tips to help handle certain situations. Every teacher will encounter difficulties with students throughout their teaching career
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