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Al Arish
this unti covers teaching more specialized group: taching beginners, teaching individual students, taching children, business english/english for specific purposes, the monolingual and the multilingua
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Al Minya
In this Unit I have learned that the skill of organizing and managing the class, having a friendly, relaxed manner and maintaining discipline, is called Classroom Management. This unit taught me how e
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This unit highlighted positive and poor teaching techniques and the effects that both can have on both student understanding and behaviour. The first was a poor teaching example with little preparatio
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In this unit I learned about the important functions of the lesson plan namely: an aid to planning, a working document and how to keep record of what has been done/taught to the students. I have learn
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Speaking and writing are important components of language learning and whereas most people tend to emphasize the oral aspects it is necessary to balance this with written work. I learned that written
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In this unit I could recognize which video lesson was effective and which one were not. I learned how to approach the students and I also learned more about the ESA lesson that were used and how to us
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Bani Suwayf
Some useful suggestions here about the types of materials which can be used to structure the lessons. I can see how a syllabus with course books would be extremely beneficial to a new teacher but how,
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It has been useful to lean the correct acronyms for all the various external examinations and to understand their different focuses and perspectives. The course descriptions of the various tests which
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This unit highlights some of the complexities of language construction that native English speakers take for granted. I was not previously aware of the variety of conditionals used in the English lang
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El-Mahalla El-Kubra
This unit was a little disappointing in that it mainly covered old forms of teaching aids. It didn't mention streaming services, kahoot quizzes, ipads and other mobile devices, although I do appreciat
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I found this unit quite challenging, especially the use of Phrasal Verbs, and can see that all these aspects of grammar would be difficult to teach to students. While using modal auxiliary verbs in my
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In this unit I learned about the four basic skills in any language. I learned what the reasons will be for reading and listening as well as the two categories why any person would read or listen such
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As beginning to teach ESL students could be quite daunting this unit provided several tips and hints on how to approach the first lesson. This could make all the difference when starting a new job. Es
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Unit 10 was 2 video lessons of TEFL classes. The first video showed the teacher being unprepared, not explaining things well, and brushing it off when the students were not comprehending the lesson. T
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Kafr Dawar
Unit 11 covered the receptive skills of learning a language which are listening and reading. We learned that listening was either for purpose or entertainment. We also learned that there are 5 differe
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In this unit I learned that communication is a very complex and ever changing thing and that speaking and writing are different in many ways and that they are both used for the same purpose to communi
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Port Said
In this unit I learned about the two materials a teacher should use such as Authentic materials and Creative materials as well as why a teacher should use such materials and the importance of it. This
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Shibin el-Kom
Unit 13 covered the use of different materials that could be used in the lesson. There is, of course, Coursebooks that may or may not be provided by the school. Course books have an advantage, they ca
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Shubra al Khaymah
Unit 15 went over the importance of evaluating students through testing. I learned about the different types of tests that could be given like Progress Tests, Placement tests, etc. And further learned
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Unit 16 focused on different parts of grammar like if/then conditionals and reported/direct speech. I learned about the different types of conditional speech which can be broken down into five categor
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Unit 17 went over the different types of equipment and teaching aids that you can use in your class. For example, white boards, Over-head projectors, DVD's and/or CD's, worksheets, visual aids, and m
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Unit 18 went into further coverage of Grammar knowledge such as modal verbs, passive/active voice, and relative clauses. I learned the basic rules concerning the modal verbs and how to identify them i
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Unit 19 was about the different types of classes that you may be conducting. The class types are beginner, business English, young learners, and individual teaching. Each type of class was described a
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