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I have learned the names of different methods and techniques of language teaching. I have also realized that in order to have a successful lesson, it is best to combine all of them, when possible, so
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When asking questions the teacher should say the student's name at the end of the question, and not at the start. Now, after studying this unit, I can see how obvious the reason is, but teachers tend
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This unit taught on the subjects of modals, phrasal verbs, and the passive voice. This has probably been the hardest unit for me so far. However, I have learned that passive voice is essentially takin
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In this unit, I learned the basics of how to teach beginners, young learners, and business English. For beginners, there is a spectrum in terms of the type of beginner that they are. There is the abso
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In this unit, I learned a few things about how to start the first lesson, how to work with students of different level, how to effectively teach a large class, and how to keep students from using thei
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Understand future tenses is an important part of understand grammar and how sentence structure is created. Its important for a teacher to be able to identify the different tenses and ideas inside the
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Lesson planning is an important step in creating a well balanced structure for your classroom and students. Having a more balanced approach to creating your lesson plan, by having a structure to your
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I thought the video lessons were a great idea as you visually were able to compare both lessons taught by the same teacher, and it made it clear what areas were a success and what areas needed improve
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Receptive skills we learned in this lesson are extremely important in learning a language. Reading and listening are two important factors to better understand the English language written as well as
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Mogilev (Mahilyow)
Speaking and writting are productive skills that are very important to learning any language. In order to communicate effectively with another person based on your new language, you will need to be we
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It was a lot of fun to learn about pronunciation and phonology during this lesson. Having a good understanding about stress on certain words and sylabells as well as learning about tones in sentences
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Lesson 13 was very helpful in gaining a better understanding of course material, and more specifically course books used in the classroom. Understanding the difference between authentic materials and
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Lesson 15 was excellent because it dealt with how a teacher evaluates his or her students. I personally feel this is something that needs to be learned by all new teachers, and was helpful. I feel con
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Understanding the conditionals in Unit 16 was very useful to explaining to future students different tenses. Reported speech and direct speech was interesting to learn in this lesson as it provided ho
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Learning about equipment and teaching aids provided a great understanding of ways to incorporate technology and helpers into the classroom for teachers. So much of the classroom is not only on listeni
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