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TESOL Certification - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

The first steps on the journey towards a career in teaching English abroad is by training for and receiving TESOL certification. Employers all over the world will require you to have this, or a similar qualification that must be internationally recognized. The qualification must usually include either an online course of 100-hours or more, which covers all areas of teaching including what to expect and plan for in a classroom; a combined course with 120 hours of training, including 6-hours of teaching practice; or a 120-hour in-class course which includes 6 hours of teaching practice. We have ensured that all of our TESOL certification courses follow and attempt to exceed the criteria generally set out by employers and TESOL organizations all over the world. The following criteria should...  [Read more]

Online TESOL Certification - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

If you are planning on taking a gap year, need a break from the nine to five, or want to start a whole new life and career, gaining a certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) is one of the most popular ways to go about it. Every year, many thousands of people just like you complete a TESOL qualification and head overseas to teach English in classrooms of all shapes and sizes, in countries right across the world. In order to join them, whether it's for a limited time or for the long term, an internationally accredited TESOL certificate from ITTT is the best place to start.   By gaining this qualification you will have access to a huge number of jobs all over the globe and learn everything you need to confidently start your first teaching role, no matter...  [Read more]

TESOL Certification Online - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

Obtaining a TESOL certification is frequently a requirement set by employers worldwide when applying for English teaching positions. While there might be teaching opportunities available in lesser-known destinations without specific qualifications, a TESOL certification from a reputable institution is crucial for securing ESL teaching roles with competitive salaries and optimal working conditions. Many of the most popular countries for teaching English also now mandate a TESOL certification for work permit or visa purposes. Without this certification, you could find you are barred from legally working in these countries, many of which offer the most rewarding opportunities in the TESOL sector. By joining an ITTT-accredited TESOL program, you will gain the essential skills and expertise to...  [Read more]

What does TESOL certification mean? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

First, let's unpack the TESOL acronym. TESOL means Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. It refers to the act of teaching English to non-native speakers. While TESOL is technically meant for teaching scenarios in English-speaking countries, it has been universally adopted to describe English language instruction in any setting. Additionally, TESOL is a term that encapsulates the teacher training programs and the certifications that aspiring teachers pursue. This certification is designed to meet the requirements set by most global employers seeking qualified English teachers. However, when applying for English teaching positions, many applicants might present a TEFL certificate instead of a TESOL. It is essential to understand that TESOL and TEFL, while having different...  [Read more]

In-class certification for TESOL - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

We take great pride in presenting our popular in-class TESOL certification course across a range of international locations. This mode of instruction enjoys significant popularity for its inherent benefits. Specifically, many students find face-to-face engagement with experienced teacher trainers to be more impactful than navigating course content on their own. ITTT's in-class TESOL courses are structured to last four weeks, generally requiring attendance from Monday to Friday. Each day is packed with a variety of input sessions, and some days feature hands-on teaching practice. Weekends are usually set aside for leisure, offering you the opportunity to discover the local area, socialize with classmates, or simply relax and recharge for the week ahead. One of the standout advantages of...  [Read more]

Can I get TESOL certification for free? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

At ITTT, we pride ourselves on our meticulously designed array of courses that equip you with the essential tools and insights you need to excel in your training. Crafted by seasoned experts in the ESL field, our course content stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. To bolster your educational journey, every course includes access to the expertise of seasoned tutors. Whether online or face-to-face, these professionals stand ready to guide, assist, and support you throughout your studies. We recognize the attraction of complimentary courses; however, it is important to understand that our courses are specifically tailored to impart the pivotal skills and insights required to achieve success in the world of English language teaching. The dedication and proficiency...  [Read more]

Should I get TESOL certification online? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

Online TESOL certification has gradually emerged as a top choice for numerous trainees globally. While the motivations behind this preference differ, the most popular benefit is undeniably convenience. The freedom to undergo your training anywhere with an internet connection is a significant perk. Whether you are studying at home, squeezing in some reading during work breaks, or anywhere else on the go, your course materials are just a click away, allowing you to dictate your learning pace. Another major benefit of our online TESOL courses is flexibility, as there are no constraints of a rigid schedule or mandated online hours. You are granted the freedom to decide your own study times and durations, ensuring your educational journey aligns seamlessly with your existing commitments. For a...  [Read more]

Is TESOL certification accredited? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

First we should define what is meant by accreditation. In general, business, industry, educational companies, and institutions are by regulation or voluntary means, subject to some form of external checks by an accrediting body. In terms of the ESL teaching industry there is no single overarching body that does this. Historically the growth of the ESL market, which has taken place worldwide, has resulted in many such accreditation bodies coming into being. Accreditation agencies are generally made up of a variety of sources, such as universities, examining bodies and private companies of varying size and coverage. When and how the accreditation takes place is up to the individual accreditation agencies, but over time a number of generally accepted worldwide measurement indicators...  [Read more]

What is the TESOL certification process? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

To become certified in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), individuals typically need to complete a certification program. These programs are designed to provide educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to effectively teach English as a foreign language. The TESOL certification process can vary depending on the program and the institution offering it, but there are some common components that are typically included. One of the first steps in the TESOL certification process is completing a recognized TESOL certification program. These programs can be completed in person or online and may vary in length from a few weeks to several months. During the program, participants will learn about language acquisition, teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom...  [Read more]

who can get tesol certification - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

The main entry requirement for many ESL teaching positions is a 120-hour certificate. Generally speaking this certification is available to anyone who: Having this certification does not guarantee that you can get a job however, as most employers have specific requirements depending on the country, job specifics and local employment laws. We will now look at the additional requirements and some further relevant details. 1. They may only employ citizens of certain countries: 2. They are sometimes only looking for native English speakers: This is linked to the previous point, in that you may need to be from a country where the first language is English. There are more countries than the previous list in this category, as it now includes India, Pakistan and Nigeria for example. (Note:...  [Read more]

No Hidden Costs Behind Your TESOL Certification Course - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT

  At ITTT we are fully aware of how irritating small print can be as it can often lead to added expenditure that you had not bargained on. We do away with all that and simply guarantee that our advertised course prices are all-inclusive, with no hidden extras. Once you have made the important decision on which course is right for your future plans, you will instantly know the exact cost of your training as the price shown on our website is all that you will have to pay. That price will include everything you require to successfully complete your training and to get your English teaching journey off the ground. Our course fee includes all the required written and video materials that are relevant to the course option you have chosen, as well as the high-quality TESOL certificate...  [Read more]

How much is TESOL certification in the UK? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

As the UK is an English speaking country it does supply a large number of TESOL qualified teachers to work in countries all over the world. However, due to the high cost of living, many of these complete their training through an online TESOL course or at a training center located overseas where the overheads are less and the demand for qualified teachers is particularly high. The truth is that the vast majority of first-time teachers from the UK head abroad to find teaching jobs initially as positions within the UK itself will normally be snapped up by experienced teachers who are returning from teaching overseas. Due to economic factors there are less in-class TESOL courses available within the UK as there were a few years ago. However, there are still plenty of different options...  [Read more]

What should I look for in a TESOL certification program? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

When considering a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification program, there are several key factors to keep in mind to ensure you are selecting a high-quality and reputable program that meets your needs. First and foremost, accreditation is essential. Look for programs that are accredited by recognized bodies such as the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET) or the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA). Accreditation ensures that the program meets certain standards of quality and rigor. Next, consider the curriculum and course content. A good TESOL certification program should cover a range of topics including language acquisition theory, teaching methodology, lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment...  [Read more]

How do I choose a TESOL certification program? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

When choosing a TESOL certification program, there are several factors to consider to ensure you select the right one for your needs and goals. Here are some key points to keep in mind: 1. Accreditation: Look for programs that are accredited by recognized bodies such as TESL Canada, Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training (ACCET), or the British Council. Accreditation ensures that the program meets certain quality standards and will be recognized by employers. 2. Curriculum: Review the curriculum of the program to ensure it covers all the essential areas of teaching English as a foreign language, such as lesson planning, classroom management, language skills development, and assessment. A well-rounded curriculum will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to...  [Read more]

Can I get a TESOL certification online? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

Yes, you can definitely get a TESOL certification online. There are many reputable institutions that offer online TESOL courses, providing flexibility and convenience for those looking to become certified in teaching English as a foreign language. Online TESOL courses cover various aspects of language teaching, including lesson planning, classroom management, language assessment, and teaching methodologies. One of the benefits of taking a TESOL course online is the flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling. Online courses allow you to study at your own pace and at times that are convenient for you, making it easier to balance your studies with other commitments such as work or family responsibilities. Additionally, online TESOL courses often provide interactive learning materials,...  [Read more]

What can I expect from a TESOL certification exam? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

A TESOL certification exam is designed to assess your knowledge and skills in teaching English as a second language. The exam typically covers a range of topics including language acquisition theories, teaching methodologies, classroom management techniques, lesson planning, assessment and evaluation strategies, and cultural awareness. One of the key components of a TESOL certification exam is the language proficiency assessment, which evaluates your ability to understand and communicate in English. This may include reading comprehension, listening comprehension, writing, and speaking tasks. It is important to have a strong command of the English language in order to successfully pass this portion of the exam. In addition to language proficiency, the exam will also test your understanding...  [Read more]

What is the best TESOL certification program? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

When it comes to choosing the best TESOL certification program, there are several factors to consider to ensure that you receive high-quality training that meets your needs and goals in teaching English as a foreign language. Here are some key points to keep in mind: Accreditation is crucial in determining the quality and recognition of a TESOL certification program. Look for programs that are accredited by reputable organizations such as TESL Canada, ACCET, or the British Council. The curriculum of the program should cover essential topics such as language teaching methodologies, lesson planning, classroom management, and assessment techniques. It should also include practical teaching experience or practicum to apply the knowledge and skills learned in a real classroom setting. Consider...  [Read more]

Is TESOL certification recognized in all countries? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

TESOL certification, which stands for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, is a widely recognized certification for individuals looking to teach English as a foreign language. While TESOL certification is highly regarded in many countries around the world, it is important to note that the recognition of this certification can vary from country to country. In general, TESOL certification is recognized and accepted in a large number of countries, including popular destinations for English language teachers such as China, South Korea, Japan, Spain, and many others. Having a TESOL certification can open up opportunities for English language teachers to work in schools, language institutes, and other educational settings in these countries. However, it is essential for individuals...  [Read more]

Where can I get TESOL certification in the UK? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

If you are looking to obtain TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification in the UK, there are several reputable institutions where you can pursue this qualification. TESOL certification is essential for those looking to teach English as a foreign language, either abroad or in the UK. Here are some options for obtaining TESOL certification in the UK: One of the most well-known institutions offering TESOL certification in the UK is the University of Cambridge. The Cambridge CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) is a widely recognized qualification that is highly regarded by employers worldwide. The course provides practical training in teaching English to adult learners and includes observed teaching practice. Another option is the Trinity...  [Read more]

Where can I get TESOL certification in the USA? - ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ITTT TEFL & TESOL

If you are looking to obtain a TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification in the USA, there are several reputable institutions that offer programs both online and on-site. TESOL certification is a valuable qualification for those looking to teach English as a foreign language, whether abroad or in immigrant communities within the United States. One popular option for TESOL certification in the USA is the University of Southern California (USC). USC offers a TESOL program that covers a wide range of topics including language acquisition theory, lesson planning, and teaching methodologies. Another well-known institution is the SIT Graduate Institute, which offers a TESOL certificate program that focuses on experiential learning and practical teaching skills....  [Read more]

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