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P.O. – U.S.A. said:
I have learned many things from this course. One of the largest things I have learned is the value of good planning. It is so important to have well thought out lessons, as well as to consider potential problems and troubleshoot potential issues before you are even in the classroom. It is also very useful to prepare materials, and to have all that you need set in a usable way before your class to set the teacher and students up for success. I have also been reminded through this course just how vital it is to know well the material you are teaching. This holds true especially in areas of language that you take for granted as a native speaker, but which have rules and regulations that dictate their use. It is impossible to teach well a concept or grammatical rule if you do not have some level of mastery of it yourself. It is important to review and know the tenses, grammatical rules, and vocabulary before you bring it to a group of students. I am also challenged by the importance of pronunciation in the process of teaching english. It is so easy to focus on correct formation of words or phrases and rules of english, yet one of the most vital aspects of communicating well in a new language is to be able to pronounce accurately. The information and emphasis on good pronunciation was helpful and something I had not given much thought to. Along those same lines, this class has taught me the importance of a multi-discipline approach to teaching english. It is not enough to know rules, or have good vocabulary or be able to merely understand english. A good english program is one in which writing, speaking, listening, reading are all emphasized, and one in which the student is exposed to and expected to engage with the english language in all those ways. These lessons have helped to see that. Another component that was useful to me was the importance of having varied activities, multiple visual aids, many activities, and being animated and engaging in the teaching process. Many dread language learning because it seems intimidating or unappealing. By being a teacher that thinks creatively and is intentional about planning good activities, and is purposeful to be winning and interesting in the way that you teach, you can remove those barriers, and have a successful teaching experience. Teachers should be excited about the material, and find each and every way to make the students excited and interested in the material as well. Enthusiasm and variety should be present each class. This approach will also lessen behavior issues, eliminate boredom, and increase learning for students of any age. All in all I have found this course to be very helpful both in giving a big picture of the areas of importance and issues involved in teaching, as well as looking at specific tools and information that is helpful. I look forward to implementing what I have gleaned from these lessons into my english teaching in the future.

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