How to Pronounce 'CATASTROPHIC' - English Pronunciation


In this episode, we cover the pronunciation of the word catastrophic. This word is used as an adjective and means extremely tragic or horrendous. Some synonyms for catastrophic include tragic and disastrous. The word comes from the Greek word katastroph?, meaning to overturn.

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I have learned the various methods of teaching, which I feel can all be beneficial in the TEFL classroo.
Among all of the methods I feel like the Audio-lingualism, Community Language Learning, Presentation, Practice, and Production, and the Communicative Language Teaching methods have most influenced TEFL practic.
Audio-lingualism is a method in which students form habits and learn how to use the language correctly by using repetition drills over an extended period of tim.
I feel like this is important method in TEFL because language is something that must be used constantly in order to remember i.
The Community Language Learning method is where the students come together and decide what they want to talk abou.
This method must have been influential since the students are choosing the topic and are able to talk about things that interest the.
They will likely be more interested and engaged into the class lesso.
Presentation, Practice, and Production is a method in which the teachers present the new language and meaning to the class and the students come up with their own sentence using the context and situation provided by the teache.
After this is achieved students are able to produce their own sentences freel.
I think this 3 step method is very important since the teacher is providing what they know is essential and the students are able to put it to use and even come up with their own sentence.
In the Communicative Language Teaching method language functions are more important than relying on grammar and vocabulary alon.
Students use the language in role-play activities or situations that would occur in real lif.
This must have been very influential in TEFL because students are able to interact with one another and actually use the language in real life situations, which will be the most beneficial for them in the real worl.
I also learned about three vital parts in a lesson, the 'Engage, Study, and Activate' method.
It was interesting to see the many different possibilities and combinations of the 'Engage, Study, and Activate' stages that can be used in a single lesso.
I feel like with that type of flexibility teachers can create more interesting and engaging lessons for their student.
I found it most helpful that this unit provided actual examples of different lessons as well as various activity idea.
This unit will be extremely beneficial for me when I begin creating lesson plans for my clas.

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