English Grammar - Past Continuous - Teaching Ideas 2 - TEFL


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teacher should be able to keep active class and let them to correct theirs own mistakes let them to survey and put it theirs real life which if require you should be available to correc5 theirs mistakes ,because of a teachers role require to prompt them and they feel itThis unit gave me an overview of what are the components of English phrases including definition, position in a phrase and how it would be forme.
Knowing this basic structure is very important to form a phrase correctly as well as flexibly apply variable English word.
This is quite a tough uni.
A lot of vital information is in it but I had a hard time with the unit tes.
It was so confusin.
You not need to understand the course but remember it rathe.
I will read it use it for future referenc.
I just hope to pass this unit's tes.