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We now consider what we might call the technology that we could use within the classroom then that could include things such as cassettes, the use of CDs, the use of DVD and video. Some general issues surrounding the use of these types of material, make sure whenever you're using any of this type of technology though you know how it actually works when using it for a listening activity, for example. How long does it take for the whole tape to play through? How long does it take to rewind and so on. Other issues that you might need to think about is if you're using a cassette player or CD or something that you set the volume level before you actually start the lesson so that when you switch on you don't shock everyone with a very loud sound or that they can't actually hear it. Also make sure before the lesson takes place that the whole extract of whatever it is you're playing is actually useful and that it works. There's nothing worse than getting to the end of an extract or listening activity and the final bits of information that they need can't be heard because of the quality of the tape or whatever. The ideas around using CDs and so on, they have a variety of uses that are good for different types of activity and they can certainly act as a prompt and create interest in a particular topic. Also because they're not used all that often they can be very motivational but it is important that they are used in the right way and we should make sure that whenever we use this type of material that it has some educational purpose and it's not just seen as something special that takes place during the lesson.

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Unit 5 was about Classroom Management, the skill of organizing and managing a classroo.
One of the first and most important aspects of classroom management and control depends on teachers themselves, .
, use of their own person (their eyes, voice, and movement via gestures.
Just by using these three things, teachers can move their class a long ways toward the goal of being well manage.
Teachers can use their eyes to hold attention, to show when something is correct, and to give encouragemen.
They can use their voice to hold attention and avoid boredom by being careful to use language at the level of the students they are teachin.
Especially in working with English Language Learners, teachers need to use clear enunciation and need to speak slowl.
Gestures can also be used to add visual interest and meanin.
Gestures can reduce Teacher Talk Time, control the pace of the class, and again help prevent boredo.
Second, classroom arrangement helps with classroom management and contro.
Depending on the space available and the particular purpose of the class, students' seating can be arranged in table rows, a horseshoe shape (this is often the preferred arrangement in schools for the deaf like where I work), or in an arrangement of individual desk.
There are advantages and disadvantages for each type of arrangemen.
These were discussed in this uni.
I feel that, if the room size were to lend itself to the ability to change the arrangement for various activities, that would be the most idea.
Different groupings were also discussed with the pros and cons being given for each type of groupin.
Some grouping are better for lecture time while others are preferable for Student Interactio.
In addition, various pointers were explained on how teachers can best manage their classes with a minimum of behavioral issue.
For example, teachers need to make sure to know all their students' names and establish rapport with each of their student.
Teachers need to earn respect by being punctual and well prepared for their classe.
Respect should be given to all students, and if a threat is made in response to behavioral issues, it should be carried ou.
When discipline is necessary, it should always be done calmly without shoutin.

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