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Unit 13 is about the teaching of pronunciation and phonology .This unit treats detailly English phonology like intonation, stress , rythmn. Intonation is generally considered to be  the variation in volume and pitch in a whole sentence whereas stress is more concern on individual words.Intonation pattern can be ( fall/rise . rise/fall). Also , I learnt some techniques in indicating and teaching intonation like nonsense words,by gesture ,humming and singing ,the board. Furthermore stress has two simple rules about words stress, that is one word has one stress,although some words have secondary stress . And we can only stress syllables not individual vowels or consonants.I learnt some rules of stress like stress on the first syllable is mostly in nouns and adjectives ,  stress on penultimate syllable ;words ending with -ic , words ending in - sion and -tion and so on .Moreso , techniques for indicating and teaching stress like choral word, gesture ,constrative stress etc .Finally , the phonemic alphabet which contain the phonemic symbols with some consonants beings voiced like /n/,  /b/ etc and others unvoiced like /t/, /k/etc, vowels and dipthongs.Some of the speech organs are the tongue , the larynx , the alveolar ridge etc and the articulation of consonants is voiced or unvoiced because of the place of articulation like bilabial, alveolar, palatal, dental etc and manner of articulation ; plosive , fricative , affricate, nasal etc .