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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

It was very clear that the first lesson was much weaker than the second. The teacher, first of all, arrived to the classroom after all of the students. He went straight into teaching without first engaging the students or explaining what he was doing. He was negative to students when they made incorrect answers, saying things like "no" and "incorrect." He didn't know everyone's name, nor did he ask and frequently pointed at students. He chastised the late students and allowed them to interrupt his flow of the lesson. He was unclear with instructions, and continued saying the same thing even when the students were confused. During the drill, he rushed through the entire activity and left students to tackle it on their own, limiting their conversation with each other. He failed to write the answers on the board and only put check marks. Also, during the drill he looked at his phone twice. Overall, his manner came off as impatient and brusque. In addition, it did not seem that he had a good handle on the timing of each phase in the ESA lesson, and his departure from the class was strangely abrupt. The second lesson was much better. The teacher was in the classroom and made sure to introduce himself by writing his name on the board, and then to ask each student their name in turn. He was encouraging and engaging in manner, and made sure to first engage everyone in the class before getting to the study portion. The teacher did a good job of allowing the students to discover the grammar and work it out for themselves, and also assisting when needed, without spoon feeding the answers. He didn't let the late student interrupt his lesson, nor did he point it out. During the drill in the study phase and in the activation phase the teacher made the instructions clear. I liked how he stepped in to participate at the end, as needed. He made good use of the time during the drill to clear the board and also observe the students' progress. Finally, he wrapped up the lesson nicely by asking what they learned and testing that the students had absorbed the grammar lesson.