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The type of materials used in the classroom has a huge effect on the success of the lesson. In this chapter, I have learned about the important things to consider in using a course book and lesson materials. I have understood the importance of using authentic materials to stimulate English language learning. Authentic materials or realia, such as newspaper articles, brochures, films, video recordings, actual maps, and so on, give the students the experience of `real` English practice. They are similar to real life situations, so students feel more interested. Students will feel that they are doing something relevant and will be more motivated to learn. It gives the student the confidence when they understand something from it. However, the words in these materials are usually too difficult so they are usually suitable for students with higher level of English. To make it appropriate for the students` level, it is often manipulated. For example, language words from a newspaper article or magazine could be shortened or simplified to the students` level of understanding. On the other hand, Course books are important part of the class because it gives the framework for study and the focus of the lesson. It includes activities, tests or ideas which saves time and energy, especially for an inexperienced teacher, rather than creating own syllabus or materials. It should be used as a guide for the teacher`s lessons. The teacher may decide to omit, replace, supplement, or adapt lessons or materials to make it more appropriate and relevant to the students. In this lesson, I have learned the advantages and disadvantages of using a course book, as well as how to analyze and choose a good course book. Putting these things into consideration, I am grateful for the great ideas on how to use the course books better and appropriately. Unit 15 Evaluation and Testing I am delighted to learn about the different methods of Evaluation and different kinds of testing done at school or externally. I have learned a lot of new terms that are relevant to teaching. Having a knowledge of these different Tests or English language proficiency examinations helps me to determine the appropriate practice materials for my students. With further reading on this subject matter, I have understood that Evaluation and Testing are an integral part of teaching. It helps assess a student`s language level. Evaluation consists of tests, homework or in class assignments, quizzes and so on. I have also understood that evaluation by the students is necessary. It encourages the students to take more responsibility of their own work and be aware of what is happening in the classroom and how well they are performing. It also helps the teacher to understand better what they truly feel about the lesson and the things they need to focus and improve. Evaluation has a tremendous impact on students` motivation to study and practice English productively. It gives the students a sense of accomplishment when they do good which could lead to positive attitudes towards studying. It helps the teacher to measure and determine how well the students are doing in their studies. It assesses students` progress, strong and weak points in learning. When planning evaluation methods, it is important to consider the effect of evaluation methods on the students` study and practice.