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Here Below you can check out the feedback (for one of our units) of one of the 16.000 students that last year took an online course with ITTT!

Body language is very crucial! It shows how confident the teacher can be. Body language is also linked with gestures. Gestures sometimes help to signal or communicate with students rather than use language. Physical appearance is also important in presentations and in situations when the teacher has to stand up; when the teacher is in front of the class – it is possible for all the students too clearly observe and listen to the particular announcement of the teacher. In this unit I particularly understood how to deal with the idea of beginning to teach a class and arrange the classroom. I learned the seating positions: Circles and horseshoes, individual seating and orderly rows, learned their advantages and the corresponding disadvantages. Through out the unit it is explained when is right for a teacher to remain seated and standing up. It makes a lot of sense that the teacher should remain standing when: Giving announcements and instructions , presenting the language and establishing rapport. It is not preferred for a teach to stand up when students are completing their given tasks. Eye contact, gestures and voice is crucial in the classroom. It establishes the technical rapport between the teacher and the students.For a class to learn effectively the teacher must be able to inspire confident. Students can sense an unsure teacher. It will totally disadvantage the teacher. In order to be efficient I have created a set of gestures that will help me through out the class: e.g. 1.Stop- everyone should have the hands on top of their heads forming a roof. Everyone has to do it until it is complete silence. Usually the teacher starts the gesture of the Roof. 2.Listen- the teacher has to put both of his hands behind the ear until everyone is listening. 3.Repeat in Chorus- The teacher should Circle the hands continuously until the class repeats the expression. 4.Good- Shaking hands UP in the air separately in form of agreement. 5.Not right - Shaking the hands down in the air separately not agreeing. 6.Unusual IDEA- Big happy head nods. etc. This session has taught me to understand more of myself and prepare it for the future classes. It surely takes a big effort to get to know the people you will be teaching in the future and before you do that the teacher in training should learn how to react in all of the situations given in this unit. However different obstacles can appear. This is why learning from experience is the best. I have also tried to practice my voice due to the importance of it during a classroom. Personally I do not possess a melancholic boring voice when I explain and teach individuals or classes. This is why I keep trying to make it better: e.g. I do/make many accents of the English Language itself and I can make different voice bends to make language situations funny and charismatic. On some of the cases I have used it! it has been effective and the kids have loved it. But it can be different with adults. Cracking a joke in the middle of the class when the students are bored is never a bad option. I believe on flexibility. Both on the teacher's side and the students' side. With good cooperation and focus many things can happen.
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