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In Unit 3 of Theories, Methods and Techniques it depicts the different formulas of executing the lessons in regarding to teaching the foreign language as it is portrayed in the unit heading. These different methods are grammar through translation, audio expressed in a different language, presentations, practice and production, learning through tasks that is given to be completed using the English Language, Communicative Language Teaching where the students are encouraged to use the language in real life situations like role play simulations. throughout this method it is more important having the task completed than grasping the accuracy of this language. Community Language Learning is a strategy that allows the students to sit in a group or circle and formulate conversations based on topic of their choice and speaking in the English Language. "the Silent Way"; I am somewhat impressed with this methodology as it gives the students that extra push within themselves to try and figure out as an individual or as a group how and what it is they want to say as opposed to just repeating what they learn enabling lessons to cement better in their minds. The Lexical Approach is somewhat meshed with the Community Language Lesson as in the approach you are using words and phrases rather than making the structure of the sentence grammatically correct. I left suggestopaedia for last because I was trying to place myself in the position of using that method if I were the one learning another language to see how it would best suit me. As it is gearing towards the students comfort I can gain an understanding of the three stages, oral review, presentation and discussion and listening to relaxing music while the teachers read I honestly ponder on the name changes and the music which could even pose as a distraction as well. However the methodologies are efficient for me.